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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri

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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri

In the state of Missouri, the health insurance industry seems to have chosen a unanimous winner in the form of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. An organization with a history that runs back to several decades, Anthem Missouri is the only health coverage providing organization in the state that has the license to offer products and services under the Blue Cross and Blue Shield brands. Anthem Missouriís main motive is to give coverage to people who are not insured at rates that are easy on the common manís budget. The company has a range of plans for all age groups and people from all walks of life. Individuals, families and employee groups can find plans at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Missouri.

Individuals and families can select from Blue Access Value, Blue Access Economy, Blue Access, Blue Preferred HMO and Blue Short Term as far as health insurance plans are concerned. Blue Access Value as a plan works well for individuals who do not have access through insurance through employers and even for self- employed persons. It is easy to pay up for this plan because members can choose from the four provided deductible values ranging between $2000 and $10, 000. Besides this advantage, members get to enjoy comprehensive benefits of prescription drug coverage and inpatient services. Apart from these benefits, members also get the best of maternity care, emergency services and ambulance services. Blue Access Economy is comparatively more affordable and has deductibles ranging between $1000 and $5000. Benefits included in this plan are preventive care, well child care, emergency services and maternity care amongst several others.

Blue Access is perhaps the only plan that caters to people belonging to every economic layer. This explains the deductible range being between as low as $250 and as lofty as $10, 000. Benefits you can avail if you sign up include well child care, preventive care, mental health treatment and diagnostic services besides many others. Blue Preferred HMO is a managed care plan gives members access to advantages like home health care, diagnostic services, emergency services and maternity care. Blue Short Term is a plan meant for people whoíre between jobs or have lost insurance temporarily for some other reason. Medicare plans are categorized as Advantage and Supplement plans.

Employee groups have a number of health plans to fall back on including Blue Access PPO, Blue Preferred HMO and Blue Preferred Plus POS. Blue Access PPO is essentially the plan every employee would give an arm for. It has a treasure trove of benefits spanning around well baby care, well child care and comprehensive prescription drug coverage. Through this plan members have access to providers within the given network and outside of it. Blue Preferred HMO is a good plan for people who often travel outside the state. Under this plan, you can have a lot of flexibility as far as providers are concerned- choose anyone without the hassle of referrals. Groups choosing the Blue Preferred Plus POS have access to an extensive network of providers. Behavioral health is a major focus under this plan.


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