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Anthem Blue Cross of California

Anthem Blue Cross of California

The grace of ‘Blue’ exists in California as the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. With an objective to serve the state’s people and communities, the organization has grown rapidly over the years. It is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association and believes in offering the best health care coverage at the lowest rates. The organization has a wide number of products and services for the benefit of Californians. Here, every individual will come across health plans that’ll do a bit extra than just fit the bill. Below discussed are health plan options made available by Anthem California.

Individuals and families may choose from the PPO Medical, PPO or HMO range of plans. PPO Medical plans consist of the Right Plan PPO 40, PPO Share 2500/5000 plans, Smart Sense and consumer driven health plans by Lumenos. The Right Plan PPO 40 is available in three forms namely, Comprehensive, No Rx and Generic Only. The plan is essentially simple and gives a lot of stress on wellness programs. Additionally, members have access to a wide network of medical professionals and can have the advantage while traveling outside the state also. All PPO Share 2500/5000 plans are designed to be comprehensive and beneficial. Members clearly have an advantage since they can consult more than 50, 000 in- network doctors and have more than 400 hospitals at their service.

Lumenos HSA, Lumenos HIA and Lumenos HIA Plus comprise the range of Lumenos consumer driven health plans. The Lumenos HSA plan lets members pay for eligible medical expenses through their Health Savings Account (HSA). Through this plan people get access to a huge provider network of doctors and hospitals. Moreover, preventive care is covered 100% and out- of- pocket expenses stay low. The Lumenos HIA and HIA Plus plans allow members to earn rewards while enjoying covered services. Members who take active initiative to improve their health status get cash rewards deposited in their HIA accounts.

Group plans are offered on the basis of the number of people employed by an organization. While there are plans for employee groups consisting of 2 to 50 people, there are plans for groups with over 50 employees also. Groups with less than 50 employees have around twenty plans at their service including Basic PPO, Power Select HMO, High Deductible EPO and PHF 500 and 750 plans amongst a host of others. With the Basic PPO plan members get to avail the expertise of more than 50, 000 doctors and 400 hospitals. Additionally, when they opt for in- network services their out- of- pocket costs are kept minimum (because of a negotiation between the company and the provider networks). The Power Select HMO offers a number of in- network benefits like home health care, emergency care, inpatient and outpatient services amidst various others. Groups of more than 51 employees can select from amongst Anthem Blue Cross PPO, HMO, POS and other plans.

The Medicare range of plans consists of Advantage plans, Supplement plans and the Blue Cross Medicare Rx Prescription Drug plan.


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