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Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield

That the power of the Blues has a strong presence in Arkansas can be judged simply by the popularity of the Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield. As an independent licensee under the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, this organization naturally has certain high points about it. As part of the 39 plan network of the nation’s oldest health coverage company the Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield is proud to serve more than 30% of Arkansans which means around 8,25,000 happen to be under the company’s coverage right at this moment.

The not-for-profit nature of the organization speaks a lot for itself. It is predominantly owned by its members, which means it prioritizes involvement with community welfare and upliftment. Arkansas knows this Blue Cross and Blue Shield regional company as an organization that places member needs before anything and everything else. Long- term goals, the organization believes, hold more importance than short term benefits and rewards. As a result it will create nothing but the best for its policyholders. An efficient information system makes for relieved customers who can easily track the activities of the organization. Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers excellent customer service so that policyholders never encounter difficulties while taking decisions pertaining to health coverage.

A specialty of the company is the Advanced Health Information Network (AHIN) which came into being when company stalwarts decided to make insurance information readily available to residents of Arkansas. The AHIN is an integrated information system that strives hard to connect hospitals with physicians and the two with providers. The organization’s information network works in a way so as to ensure both existing and prospective policyholders the most effective coverage news and information.

Categories in which Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield provides coverage are similar to that offered by other independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. There are four major plan categories - individual and family plans, employee group plans, Medicare plans and dental plans.

Individual and family plans include Blue Solution, Blue Choice, Access Blue and Short-term Blue. All the four are Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans. The Blue Solution Plan is for people who are less than 65 and are not under Medicare. There are four deductibles from which one can choose. The Blue Choice plan is an affordable plan where deductibles are in the range of $500 and $25,000. One can even decide on the co- insurance one wants to pay on this plan. The Access Blue plan is perfect for people who have to incur high medical costs. The Short- term Blue plan is aimed at those who want coverage in the short run for severely disastrous events.

Employee group plans include True Blue, My Choice Blue and Group Basic Blue amongst others. The True Blue plan is an affordable one where employers can provide insurance from a network of doctors offer services at a discount. The My Choice Blue plan is a comprehensive plan with four benefit plans on the platter. Group Basic Blue is for those employers to consider who are finding it difficult to shoulder the rising costs of health insurance. As for Medicare plans, they’re offered only if takers are over 65 years of age.


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