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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama

When independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association are spoken about, the very first name that comes up among regional level companies is that of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama. With a history that is more than 70 years old Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama has managed to remain one of the most dependable health insurance providers over the decades.

Residents of Alabama and the rest of the country now identify the organization with quality health coverage. So it is not surprising that the number of insured is well over 3 million. Amongst 3 million, while many enjoy the benefits of individual health coverage many others are reaping the advantages of employer-provided insurance. As the largest health insurance provider in Alabama, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama employ over 4000 people and have their headquarters in Birmingham.

The organization has carved a niche for itself not only by offering the best health insurance products and services but also by contributing towards community upliftment. In this context, the organization came up with the Alabama Child Caring Foundation in 1987. This was an attempt to give adequate coverage to uninsured children living in Alabama. It was a bold step that the organization took and their efforts paid off in March 1988 when the first eligible child was found for the program.

Since then more than 60,000 children have been found eligible by this special wing of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama. Under this program eligible children are entitled to enjoy periodic physical examinations, immunizations and emergency care amongst other services. Added to this is the organizationís role in providing a free service, Emergency Patient Information (EPI), that any Alabaman can make use of to store emergency contacts online that can be later given to rescuers in case of emergency.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, as an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, has a range of plans on offering. Individual and family plans, group health plans and Medicare plans are some of the health insurance options offered by this organization. Apart from this, they also have a special program for employees working under the Federal Government. People interested in individual and family plans can choose from Individual Blue, Blue Link and Individual Blue HSA.

The Individual Blue plan offers a series of benefits ranging from prescription drug, hospital and medical benefits. Takers can choose from four benefit options for which the deductibles are fixed between $500 and $1500. The Individual Blue HSA plan is perfect for those who want coverage for medical expenses at present and in near future. The organization has created the Blue Link plan keeping in mind takers who do not have access to health coverage through their employers. In case of group health plans, companies may choose from plans created for organizations comprising 2 to 50 employees and ones containing 51 employees or more.


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