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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois

Today the organization Illinois knows as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois started from scratch more than 70 years ago. The organization first started as the Hospital Service Corporation when during the Great Depression some intellectuals in Chicago thought of a way to help families deal with the rising cost of hospital bills. This was 1936 and the very aspect of a prepaid health plan was revolutionary. Thus came into being a concept which spread like wildfire, as far as customers were concerned. The present day sees the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois as one of the proud bearers of the ‘Blue’ philosophy- offer the best healthcare coverage at the most affordable rates.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois has plans for all segments be of the society, Be it individuals, families or even employee groups, everyone can actually find his or her coverage of choice right here. The individual and family category of plans has innumerable options to be of help to almost all kinds of applicants. Blue Value Advantage, Select Blue Advantage, Basic Blue, Blue Choice Select, Traditional Blue and Select Blue are some plans offered by the organization to individuals and families. Blue Value Advantage would be good for you if you’re looking to save on major medical costs. This plan provides you with coverage for office visits, prescription drugs and emergency care. If you require maternity care, you can have it by paying extra. Select Blue Advantage is another major medical plan meant for individuals and families. Members can access almost 90% of doctors in Illinois along with no less than 200 hospitals. Basic Blue should be the budget conscious individual’s plan choice since the premiums it demands are quite low.

Flexibility and the Blue Choice Select plan are synonymous since this option lets you choose from a wide range of deductibles. Also, consulting doctors within the Blue Cross Blue Shield network makes sure you save as much as 19%. If you can trust any plan more than traditional indemnity, you might as well opt for Traditional Blue. This plan offers members deductibles as low as $250 and as high as $5000. As for Select Blue, this plan serves the purpose only of you’re looking for a plan that offers as many benefits as a group health plan.

Employee groups can choose from amongst the PPO plan, HMO plan, CPO plan, Blue Choice and Blue Choice Select amongst others. The Participating Provider Option (PPO) plan offers benefits like emergency care, inpatient and outpatient care and access to more than 20, 000 Illinois based physicians. What’s more, members can access emergency care even when they’re traveling. In the HMO category, groups get to access HMO Illinois and BlueAdvantage HMO, both of which have the same features. Members need not pay deductibles for these plans. The Community Participating Option (CPO) plan too allows members access to innumerable physicians and hospitals. Benefits include maternity care, office visits, behavioral health services and more. Both Blue Choice and Blue Choice Select offer members advantages that stay with them no matter where they are traveling.


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