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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas

As an independent licensee under the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas is the largest health insurance provider in the region spreading over Northwest Missouri and greater Kansas City area. The organization is responsible for providing coverage to about 32 counties in the above stated expanse. It is headquartered in Topeka and has more than 2000 employees working to make services available to a greater number of people. The number of people enjoying coverage under the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas is more than 8,80,000 though that is far from how the organization had its first beginnings.

The initiation of the BCBKS happened way back in 1941 when employee strength was a meager 3 people and member strength was equally low at 8. Since then itís come a long way in providing affordable health insurance to Kansans. Now the organization also foresees the activities of three subsidiaries namely, the Premier Health Inc, the Premier Blue Member Advisory Group and the Advance Insurance Company of Kansas.

The Premier Health Inc is a for- profit subsidiary providing managed care services. It has been operating since 1995 and has reached many areas within Kansas other than Wichita and Topeka. The Premier Health Inc is responsible for the coverage of more than 40, 000 policyholders. The Premier Blue Member Advisory Group was created so that customer satisfaction is maximum under the Premier Blue category of services and products from the Premier Health Inc. This advisory board, that makes recommendations for the consistent performance of the products and services, consists of individuals and members representing large and small groups from areas covered by the plan. The Advance Insurance Company is in charge of underwriting of services for disability, death caused through accidents and others.

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas provides coverage in categories ranging from individual and family plans, group/ employer plans, Medicare plans and other plans like life insurance and dental insurance. In the individual and family plan category you can choose from about eight plans including the Afforda Blue, Blue by Design, Essential Blue and Value Blue. The Afforda Blue is one of the most affordable plans served with deductibles starting at just $1000. It covers all services relating to hospital and preventive care. Compared to this, the Blue by Design has a much higher deductible but the plan is perfect for those who want to save on taxes and prepare themselves for medical costs in future. As for Essential Blue its monthly premiums are lower and it offers greater coverage. The Value Plan is similar to that of Afforda Blue, only that the former demands a minimum qualified income.

Group or employer plans are divided into four segments that offer insurance to companies with 1 to 9 employees, 10 to 99 employees and employees over 100 respectively. In the Medicare plan category one can avail Plan 65 the only requirement being the personís enrollment in Medicare Part A and B plans.


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