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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Missouri)

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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Missouri)

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Missouri)

Covering 32 counties stretching across northwest Missouri, greater Kansas City and the Kansas counties of Wyandotte and Johnson, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City is a formidable name in the health insurance industry in the United States. As an independent licensee under the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA), this organization offers a number of products and services that come with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield brand tag. With a seven decade long legacy behind it, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City has retained its stature as the biggest health insurance company in the city and lived upto its name.

1938 was the year when the first seeds of the organization were sown when Group Hospitalization Services saw light of day. Back then a hospitalization plan was an invention and sorts and that is exactly what the Group Hospital Services was meant to be. It started with two employees and some capital pooled by local hospitals, doctors and even individuals. The rage called health coverage caught up and by the end of that very year, Group Hospitalization Services had ten hospitals within its network and it served as many as 14, 000 people. Group Hospitalization Services was later given the name “Blue Cross of Kansas City”. In 1943, the Kansas City Blue Shield was initiated as an effort to start a plan with prepayment facilities. In a year’s time it had 14, 000 members availing its benefits. Kansas City Blue Shield proved its innovative capacities in 1950 when it introduced group plans for the first time ever in the United States. Finally in 1982, Blue Cross of Kansas City and Kansas City Blue Shield came together to form the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City.

The BCBSKC provides health coverage to individuals, families, employees under an organization and group plans for employers with less than 100 employees and those with more than this number. Individuals can choose from Preferred Care Blue Premium PPO and Preferred Care Blue RateSaver PPO plans for their health coverage needs. People under the age of 65 only can sign up for these PPO plans. Dental plans are also a part of the company’s agenda as far as individual health coverage is concerned. Note that dental coverage is available to people of all age groups. Apart from these, individuals and families can also opt for short- term health coverage. Plans meeting Health Savings Accounts (HSA) requirements are also available.

Medicare beneficiaries too have something to look for at Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas City. These plans are meant only for people above the age of 65. In this segment, you can choose from Medicare Supplement plans, Medicare Select plans and Medicare Prescription plans as per your requirement. While Supplement plans are tailor- made for the aged and the disabled, Select plans are more in sync with people looking out to get health coverage within their budget.

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