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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield brands have been able to touch millions of lives across the United States. The Blue Cross an Blue Shield Association through a 39 plan network has provided affordable health coverage in almost all states in the nation. One of the independent licensees that are part of the BCBSA is the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana. The BCBSL has worked towards providing better health care coverage over many decades now and has thus attained the stature of the largest health insurance company in Louisiana. The company has its head quarters at Baton Rouge and employs about 1500 people. It also has offices in Houma, Alexandria, Lake Charles, Lafayette, New Orleans, Monroe and Shreveport.

The beginning of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana goes way back in time to 1934 when the Hospital Service Association of New Orleans was found. Later that very year, the Mutual Hospital Service of Shreveport also came into being. Four years down the line the Hospital Service Association opened its doors in Alexandria and Baton Rouge. A decade later the Alexandria, Baton Rouge and Shreveport plans collaborated with each other to form the Louisiana Hospital Service. From then on the LHS began operating as the Blue Cross of Baton Rouge. In 1958, 24 years after it first started, the HSA of New Orleans got the license to function as the Blue Cross of Greater New Orleans. 1975 saw the Blue Cross of Baton Rouge and that of Greater New Orleans coming together to act together as the Louisiana Health Service and Indemnity Company. Ten years later this organization began operating as what you now know as the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana.

The BCBSL has plans in all the major categories. Under individual and family plans, one can choose from Blue Max, Blue Select and Blue Value amongst several others. The Blue Max plan is ideal for you if you want to select from a given variety of deductibles. Under this plan you would find maternity care, preventive care and also prescription drug coverage. The Blue Select is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan that offers coverage in areas like inpatient and outpatient services, preventive care and prescription drugs. Besides, there are a number of deductibles from which one can choose. If one has the fear of encountering medical expenses uncalled for, the ideal choice would be the Blue Value Plan. Along with a range of deductibles, this plan also offers an additional prescription drug program that comes at a discounted price.

The employer category has as many as ten plans. Companies need to choose from the available plans taking into consideration the number of employees that work for them. As far as Medicare plans are concerned members can choose from the Blue Choice 65, Blue Choice 5 Select and the Rx Blue plans. Out of the three, Blue Choice 65 presents the company’s range of Medicare supplement plans.


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