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Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi

Mississippians would not have had the chance of accessing the best of health coverage had it not been for the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi. For years now the organization has been serving the state tirelessly and bringing forth new developments in the health insurance industry so that people stay updated. Residents of Mississippi are supposed to suffer more from chronic diseases than any other state in the United States. Thus the company has initiated several efforts to help Mississippians tackle situations revolving around common health risks like rising cholesterol levels. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi has a steady relationship with an extensive network of providers, thus making way for members to gain easy access to the same.

The organization is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association that works along with a number of other health plans in other states. It has three main affiliates operating under it to offer essential health services coverage to the people of Mississippi. Bluebonnet Life Insurance Company, Advanced Health Systems and TriSpan Health Services function in three different ways to provide support to the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi. While the Bluebonnet Life Insurance Company provides life insurance policies to members, the Advanced Health Systems is responsible for offering services under the provider networks and the TriSpan Health Services serves Medicare Part A beneficiaries and providers.

Individual and family, group and Medicare are the three basic categories in which Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi offer health coverage. Individuals and families in the state can avail the advantages of the Blue Care plan that is tailor- made for people under the age of 65. This plan comprises a list of innovative benefits aimed entirely at member health. For one, the Blue Care plan allows members to avail the advantages of a smoke- free program whose duration is about 90 days and which makes available free help and counseling. Another special benefit of this plan is Rxsmart that lets members gain more knowledge about generic drugs and offer them with select prescription drug benefits.

The group plan category serves organizations across the state. This network of plans is referred to as Network Blue. This line of plans covers inpatient and outpatient services and allows employees to strike a special rapport with providers so that they do not have to encounter exorbitant costs on emergency services. A special highlight of this plan is its wellness benefit option where members along with their families can avail wellness visits absolutely free of cost. People over the age of 65 have a lot of options as far as Blue Cross Blue Shield Mississippi Medicare plans are concerned. The Blue 65 group of Medicare supplement plans has as many as 10 plans from which members can choose.


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