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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana

As a resident of the state of Montana, you can have access to various health insurance options but none can possibly beat the dedication of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana. Around for more than 70 years, this organization swears by quality and competitiveness. As an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana has not only standardized customer service but has also continually improvised and innovated on the existing state of affairs. Not surprisingly, it is touted as the largest and oldest health insurance company in the state.

The history of the organization is closely linked to that of the separate brands of Blue Cross and Blue Shield. The beginnings of Blue Cross go back to 1929 when a prepaid plan was established in Dallas so that teachers could pay easily for medical and hospital costs. Five years down the line in 1934, this prepayment advantage plan acquired the name of “Blue Cross”. On the other hand, the roots of the Blue Shield brand are contained in the Pacific Northwest region. The early part of the 20th century met with a revolution in this part of the world when employers of mining and lumbering camps thought of giving their employees the advantage of medical attention. Thus a plan was created where they had to pay local doctors a monthly fee for their services. After extensive modification, this plan came to be known as “Blue Shield”.

The state of Montana came in contact with the Hospital Service Association (now known as the Blue Cross brand worldwide) in 1940. Blue Shield or Montana’s Physician Service entered the state in 1946. After a long journey of about 40 years, the Hospital Service Association and Montana’s Physician’s Service merged to form the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana in 1986. Besides the main body the organization has several subsidiaries as well. The Combined Benefits Management Inc, the Insurance Coordinators of Montana Inc, the Western States Insurance Agency Inc and the Health- E- Web Inc are all subsidiaries of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana. Among these only the Combined Benefits Management Inc is wholly owned by the company.

At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana health coverage is available for individuals, families, groups (both small and large) and Medicare beneficiaries. Individuals and families can choose from the Blue Evolution, Essential Care, Healthy Montanan and Value Blue plans amongst several others. The Blue Evolution plan allows members immense flexibility by giving them the right to choose deductibles and co- pays according to their convenience. This category of plans has as many as 36 different options. As a limited benefit plan, Essential Care offers extensive coverage for accidents along with affordable deductibles. Coverage in this plan can go upto $200 for every accident. The Healthy Montanan plans combines dental, vision and prescription drug benefits into one and offers a range of deductibles. The Value Blue plan focuses on primary care benefits.

Group plans are available for groups with 2 to 50 employees and those with over 50 employees. Medicare supplement plans have options of Senior Plans and Senior Blue Plans.


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