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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

Member focus and customer care are two reasons why people think Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina is one of the best insurance providers in all of United States. No wonder, the organization has held on to the top spot for the last 75 years. Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina happens to be the only insurance company in the state that is licensed to act under the famous Blue brands- Blue Cross and Blue Shield. The organizationís efforts are entirely aimed at good health promotion within the premises of the state of North Carolina. Members of this organization not only have access to ever- improving products and services but also to information that helps them improve their quality of life. Today the organization has more than 3.5 million members within its wings.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina provides coverage to individuals, groups and also Medical beneficiaries. Amongst individual plans provided by the organization the most popular is perhaps the Blue Advantage plan, both for its affordability and quality. This plan aims to be of advantage to the maximum number of people in North Carolina and thus has a number of deductible and co-payment options. Benefits include preventive care, hospital care, emergency services, treatment for mental health disorders and rehabilitative services for drug problems and substance abuse. A number of plans are available in the Blue Advantage plan category.

The other individual plan option is the Blue Options HSA. This plan is perfect for people who are ready to pay a high deductible to pay for medical expenses without having to shell out a fortune as taxes. As the name suggests, this plan toes the line with Health Savings Account [HSA] regulations. The highlight of the Blue Options HSA plan is that it lets members access an extensive network of doctors, hospitals and medical centers and that both individuals and families can avail it.

Apart from long term care mentioned above individuals can also select a short- term plan. The Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina offers short term coverage for four different time durations- 30 days, 45 days, 60 days and 90 days. Available deductible options include 500 and 1000 dollars from which members can choose as per convenience. Benefits of the short term coverage plan include ambulance services, emergency care services, surgical care and several others as well.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina has about 7 plan options as far as coverage for employee groups of less than 100 are concerned. Such groups can choose from Blue Options, Blue Care and Classic Blue amongst others. Blue Options is a Preferred Provider Organization [PPO] plan that include benefits like hospital and emergency care and gives members access to a wide provider network. The Blue Care is an HMO [Health Maintenance Organization] plan while Classic Blue is a Comprehensive Major Medical [CMM] plan.

For groups with more than 100 employees, both traditional health coverage and consumer- driven plans are available. Traditional plans are similar to plans group with less than 100 employees avail. As for consumer driven health plans, there are as many as four options available to members.

Plans for medical beneficiaries are divided into three section- Medicare advantage plans, Medicare supplement plans and Medicare prescription drug plans.


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