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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont

Had it not been for the Blue Cross and Blue Shield brands, the United States would never have known the concept of prepaid health insurance. The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont has been a feather in the cap for the Blues ever since it started its operations. And why not when the organization, like a true Blue company, focused all its energies on its customers? Well that is exactly how the journey of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont has been through all these years. With an aim to offer products and services at affordable rates, the organization has been successful at insuring the maximum number of people in Vermont.

It all started with the initiation of the Blue Cross brand (though this name did not exist back then) in 1929 when an official at the Baylor University thought of a prepaid health insurance facility for teachers where they’d receive coverage for 21 days of hospital care. The beginnings of the Blue Shield brand had an earlier beginning when at the beginning of the twentieth century the owners of lumbering and mining camps set about to buy prepaid health care from physicians there. While the Blue Cross brand was supposed to specialize in hospital services, brand Blue Shield was meant to focus on medical care related services. The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont began in 1944 as the Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Hampshire and Vermont. In the early part of the 80’s though the New Hampshire and Vermont plans became separate and since then the Vermont plan has operated solitarily.

All kinds of plan offerings are made by the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont. There are plans for individuals and families, for employee groups, for Medicare beneficiaries and for Federal employees. Individuals and families may choose from amongst the Vermont Freedom Plan and the Catamount Blue Plan. The Vermont Freedom Plan allows a lot of flexibility to its members considering that it has four deductible options for both individuals and families. Benefits include home health care, ambulance services, emergency care services, inpatient and outpatient services apart from office visits.

The Catamount Blue Plan is tailor- made for uninsured for people who have gone without insurance over the last one year. Coverage under this plan includes benefits like preventive care (the coverage for which is 100%), emergency care services and treatment for unsound mental health and substance abuse.

Employers at both large and small corporations have various options to scan through before buying insurance for their employees. Options include comprehensive major medical plans, traditional indemnity plans, Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans and Point of Service (POS) plans.

The Federal Employees Program offers an extensive provider network to its members. Doctors, medical centers, hospitals and pharmacies all over the United States are open to their medical and hospital needs. Above all, the coverage that one receives under this program is comprehensive in nature.

The Vermont Blue 65 plan is applicable only for people who have enrolled for Medicare Parts A and B. The only other criterion required for people to sign up for this plan is that they must be residents of Vermont.


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