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Blue Cross Blue Shield Georgia

Blue Cross Blue Shield Georgia

Delving deeper into the history of Blue Cross Blue Shield, you will find it goes back to a time when the world was literally unaware of the concept of health insurance. A part of the 39 plan network licensed to offer products and services under the brand names of Blue Cross and Blue Shield, this organization has remained apace with changes in health circumstances throughout the state, over the decades. What started initially as two separate plans- Savannah and Columbus- is today a single massive unit that offers health coverage to not less than 3 million people and the number continues to grow. Apart from the main body, the organization also has affiliates offering coverage in the state of Georgia.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia has medical products for individuals and families on one hand and employer groups on the other. Individuals and families can choose from amongst Blue Value PPO, Blue Value Select PPO, Tonik plans in the PPO plan category. There are also plans created on the lines of traditional coverage. In this segment, individuals and families can opt for the Short Term Medical plan or the FlexPlus range of plans according to requirement and convenience. Blue Value PPO is a plan that has been created to benefit members through lower rates and greater advantages. There are six deductible choices for you to consider. Deductibles start as low as $1, 000 and go upto as high as $10, 000. Benefits include maternity care, preventive care (for both adults and children), emergency services and office visits. Blue Value Select PPO goes a step further in terms of affordability and comes up with deductible choices almost everyone would find easy to pay off. While the lower end of the deductible table records $500, the higher end is stated as $1,500. Tonik plans are for the youth with options retaining affordability and reliability at the same time. Plan options include calculated risk- taker ($1500 deductible), part- time devil ($3000 deductible) and thrill seeker ($5000).

In the traditional plan category, individuals and families can opt for the Short Term Medical if they are temporarily going without insurance. Coverage period ranges between a month and six. The FlexPlus plan range has deductible choices varying from $2500 to $10000. Benefits are inclusive of inpatient and outpatient services, maternity care, preventive care and more.

Employer groups have access to plans depending upon their strength. There is one plan range that caters to groups with 2 to 50 employees and there is another one that has takers only amongst groups with more than 51 employees. Blue Choice PPO, Blue Choice Healthcare Plan HMO, Employee Elect, Blue Open Access HMO/POS and Blue Choice Option POS are all plans for groups of 2 to 50. As for groups of over 51, Blue Health Fund PPO, Blue Choice PPO, Blue Choice Option POS and Blue Open Access HMO/POS are all plan options.


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