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Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota

The reign of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (an independent licensee of BCBSA) started six and a half decades ago when the organization started off as two separate plans- one was supposed to mete out medical services and the other was supposed to offer hospital services. It was much later in 1986 that these plans came together and formed what the world now knows as the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota. In the present day it stands as a mutual insurance company, a status the organization acquired in the year 1998. More importantly, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota now covers more than 3,50,000 people living in the state and also offers to more than 70,000 non- residents.

Over all the years it has operated, the main mission of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota has been to offer innumerable affordable plan options to North Dakota residents so that they donít compromise on what is essential- health insurance. Amongst plan options, the organization has plans for individuals, employee groups and also for Medicare beneficiaries. High- deductible plans are also offered by the company. Individuals with no access to group insurance or any other kind of long- term coverage can choose from the Personal Choice plan, the Personal Choice for students plan and the Comprehensive Major Medical plan.

The Personal Choice plan offers an extensive provider network so that members can access services provided by 95% physicians, hospitals and medical centers in the state. Benefits comprised in this plan include wellness services, emergency services, medical supplies and chiropractic care amongst a host of others. Like the Personal Choice plan, the Personal Choice for students plan also leaves out maternity benefits. But the good thing is that the premiums are low which means affordability is higher. This student plan is meant only for adults below the age of 22 and in case of full- time students they should be under 26. The Comprehensive Major Medical plan has been created for people who want to take full advantage of a number of medical advantages. Benefits include prescription drugs, maternity care, emergency services, wellness care and a lot more.

Employee groups can have their pick from a number of group plans including Basic Blue No Deductible, Blue Choice, Classic Blue and many others. The Basic Blue No Deductible plan is specially aimed at giving child health care a boost through regular group insurance. Benefits include child wellness services, prescription drug benefits (outpatient) and immunizations amongst several others. The Blue Choice plan has similar offerings including a tobacco cessation benefit that covers over- the- counter drugs in a bid to help smokers quit. Through this plan people can access medical help from a different network against a larger co- pay. The Classic Blue plan does not demand a deductible on child wellness services, pre natal and post natal care etc. Apart from benefits like prescription drug benefits, immunizations and others the plan focuses on preventive care services as well.

People looking for Medicare plans can opt for the Medicare PPO plan or the Medicare Rx plan as per requirement.


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