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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma

As part of the Health Care Service Corporation and sister concern to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, New Mexico and Texas, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma has stood at the Oklahoman health insurance top spot for decades now. Yes, for more than 60 years, the company has taken it upon itself to offer the best of health care to residents of the state. Being integrally connected to Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association’s 39 plan network, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma believes every individual should have the opportunity to purchase coverage for themselves. That explains the company’s motto to offer superior health coverage at a competitive value.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma has an array of healthcare options for both individuals and groups. Medicare plans too are available to cater to aged persons. If you’re a person below 65 and looking for coverage for yourself or your family, you can opt from Health Check Basic, Health Check and Children’s Major Medical, Health Check HSA, Health Check for students and many more. In the Health Check Basic plan, you have the option of choosing from exactly four deductibles, the lower end being fixed at $500 and the higher end at $5000. Benefits include inpatient and outpatient services, emergency care and prescription drug coverage. You do not need to pay any deductible for prescription drug coverage. The Health Check and Children’s Major Medical plan lets members receive benefits as per their individual requirements. If you sign up for this plan you can have access to about 8, 000 providers within the state of Oklahoma itself. Health Check HSA is created to offer competitive rates found mostly in group health plans. One can use the Health Savings Account (HSA) provided with this plan to pay for all covered medical bills. Health Check for students is meant for young students who need health coverage at an affordable price. There is a range of deductibles and the number of providers one can consult is extensive.

Individuals above 65 can opt for the Medicare line of plans, Advantage and Supplement being the major categories. The Medicare Part D plan is also available at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma. Plan 65 and Blue Plan 65 Select are Supplement plans, while Medicare Blue PPO is the available Advantage plan.

Groups have plans like Blue Edge PPO, PPO plan and HMO Blue Texas at their service. Blue Edge PPO plans have a certain flexibility about them allowing members to maintain two kinds of accounts, namely a Health Savings Account (HSA) and a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). One can choose either of these two accounts to pay for all covered eligible medical costs. Benefits are extensive and include child well care and preventive care. Going for the PPO Plan makes any group eligible for the choicest benefits. These benefits increase when members choose to avail services through the given Preferred Providers. Benefits in this plan include emergency care, office visits, maternity care, behavioral health services and more. The HMO Blue Texas plan requires all members to choose their personal Primary Care Physician. Benefits include inpatient services, outpatient surgery, maternity care and more. Under this plan, members can enjoy maternity care even when they’re away from home.


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