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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

Had not the Baylor Plan happened in 1929, the world today would not have seen the Texan health insurance industry stalwart, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. The Baylor Plan suggested people could actually pay a sum to cover medical and hospital expenses. That is how teachers paid up 50 cents individually to get 21 days of hospital based care. In the year 1944, the concept of a prepaid health plan found place of pride in Texas as well and an organization offering similar plans were set up. Over the decades, this company came to acquire the name of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas.

The scenario has dramatically changed for the organization in recent years. With massive operational dimensions, the company employs about 6, 000 people based throughout the United States. Not only does it cover millions of individuals but also many distinguished organizations like Dell, Cadbury Schweppes, Brookshire Grocery and many others. Individuals have several plans to look through, some of them being the PPO Select Saver Series III, Select Blue Advantage Series III, PPO Select Value Care and PPO Select Basic. The PPO Select Saver Series III has in all seven options that individuals can opt as coverage depending upon health requirements and other criteria. These criteria include gender, age, location and others like tobacco usage. A range of deductibles are presented to takers and they can decide on any one according to financial convenience. Opting for higher deductibles is better in a way because premiums can be lowered.

The Select Blue Advantage Series III, too, is a PPO plan where one can hope to keep a check on out- of pocket expenses. As for benefits, this plan includes immunization, well child care, home health care and a lot more. PPO Select Value Care is a low cost plan too with benefits ranging from preventive care, ambulance services and immunization to home health care. Emergency care is also found on the plan agenda and is covered on a worldwide basis. PPO Select Basic is an affordable plan offering a number of deductible choices. The Blue Card program is active on this plan allowing you to avail services of the large PPO network.

Groups have plans like Blue Edge PPO, PPO plan and HMO Blue Texas at their service. Blue Edge PPO plans have a certain flexibility about them allowing members to maintain two kinds of accounts, namely a Health Savings Account (HSA) and a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). One can choose either of these two accounts to pay for all covered eligible medical costs. Benefits are extensive and include child well care and preventive care. Going for the PPO Plan makes any group eligible for the choicest benefits. These benefits increase when members choose to avail services through the given Preferred Providers. Benefits in this plan include emergency care, office visits, maternity care, behavioral health services and more. The HMO Blue Texas plan requires all members to choose their personal Primary Care Physician. Benefits include inpatient services, outpatient surgery, maternity care and more. Under this plan, members can enjoy maternity care even when they’re away from home.


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