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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming

Like many other places in the United States, Wyoming too has felt the touch of Blue thanks to the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming. The organization is an independent licensee with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association working at par with the rest of the plans within the national network. Ever since its operations started, the company has felt the constant need to innovate upon existing products and create new ones to meet up with ever changing health requirements of the people of Wyoming. The main focus of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming is fixed upon enhancing and offering qualitatively superior products and services at affordable rates.

Somewhere during the 1940’s the initiation of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming plan took place. At the beginning, though, there were two distinct plans under operation that came together only during the 1970’s. With expertise that stretches back more then six decades, the organization today proudly plays the role of insurer to over 100, 000 residents of Wyoming. Apart from the main organization there are other companies affiliated to the main body that too offer plans and services to Wyoming residents. The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming is a fairly large corporation and employs more than 200 people.

Individual plans, group plans and Medicare plans are the main products offered by the organization. Individuals can avail the Blue Choice Personal plan which has a high deductible plan option as well. Through this plan people can have a wide range of benefits as far as prescription drugs are concerned. Additionally, members get the opportunity to monitor their health care costs better through this plan. Benefits are inclusive of inpatient and outpatient hospital services, maternity care, special care for accidental injury and rehabilitative services amongst several others.

Group plans are made available to employee groups depending upon the employee strength of the organization in question. The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming offers plans to groups of less than 100 employees and also to those that have 100 or more employees. Groups with less than 100 employees can avail the Blue Choice Business plan that includes the Rx Care Wyoming advantage. It is a comprehensive health care option that comprises a number of essential benefits yet is easy on the employer’s budget. Benefits provided are hospital and medical care, surgical care, maternity care services and rehabilitative services apart from several others.

The Blue Extension plan is for groups with 100 employees or more. This plan is as affordable as the Blue Choice Business and offers benefits like short term and long term disability insurance, access to a wide provider network and many more.

Medicare beneficiaries can choose from three available options namely the Medicare Blue PPO, Medicare supplemental plans and the Medicare Blue Rx plan. Medicare Blue PPO is a comprehensive plan that combines Part A and B benefits along with prescription drug benefits. Supplemental plans cover the gaps that the regular Medicare plan does not. Medicare Blue Rx is exclusively a prescription drug benefit plan.


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