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Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania (Wilkes-Barre)

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Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania (Wilkes-Barre)

Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania (Wilkes-Barre)

A company that serves as many as 13 counties, an organization that has continued to innovate and improve over the last 70 years and a body that has always aimed to offer the best services at the lowest prices. These are just a few ways how people across Northeastern Pennsylvania know of Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania. But this is not how people would refer to the organization back in 1938 when it started. At that point of time the company was known as the Hospital Service Association of Northeastern Pennsylvania. It was George Bell, a locally well- known industrialist who came up with the Hospital Service Association in the state. Within a year of its operations the company became strong enough to attract more than 10,000 members. In the present day, the number is as high as 6,00,000 people.

Down the line, the years 1972 and 1987 proved to be major milestones for the Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania. In 1972, the dreadful Hurricane Agnes hit the area served by the organization and the Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania readily came to the help of the common people. Fifteen years down the line in 1987, the organization finally established a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan so that employers could have the opportunity to sign up for affordable insurance on behalf of their employees. In recent years, 2002 saw the organization giving birth to the Blue Ribbon Foundation of Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania, an initiative to ensure community upkeep and development.

All popular health insurance plan categories are covered by the Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania (an independent licensee of BCBSA). The organization offers coverage to individuals and groups. Dental care and vision care plans are also available. Amongst plans offered to individuals, Blue Care Traditional plans happen to be the most popular. This category of plans has about four plans within it namely the Blue Care Student, Blue Care Major Medical, Blue Care Cooperative and a Special Care plan. Other individual plan options include a health plan specially meant for adults and another one aimed at child health and welfare. The plan for adults includes benefits such as emergency care, preventive care, and inpatient and outpatient services amongst several others. The children’s health plan includes benefits like preventive care, mental health treatment, prescription drugs and treatment for drug and substance abuse.

Employee groups can have their pick from the Blue Care HMO, Blue Care HMO Plus, Blue Care PPO, Blue Care Comprehensive and a host of other plans. The Blue Care HMO plan provides benefits like inpatient and outpatient services, treatment for substance abuse and special services with regards to women’s health. The Blue Care HMO Plus plan is similar in benefits to the Blue Care HMO plan. The Blue Care PPO plan provides a wider provider network and has certain standard as well as additional benefits. The Blue Care Comprehensive packs all necessary benefits into one plan. Benefits include inpatient and outpatient services, home health care and chiropractic services amongst a host of others.

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