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Capital BlueCross (Central Pennsylvania - Harrisburg)

Capital BlueCross (Central Pennsylvania - Harrisburg)

Capital Blue Cross of Central Pennsylvania is one of the largest independent licensees working under the guidelines of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA). With its headquarters in Harrisburg, the organization serves thousands of people all across Central Pennsylvania. In fact Capital Blue Cross also happens to be one of the dominant employers (with respect to size) in the Central Pennsylvania region of the United States with more than 2, 000 employees working closely to provide members and employee groups with innovative products and services. Not surprisingly Capital Blue Cross is the largest insurance company serving 21 counties at a stretch.

The seeds of the Capital Blue Cross were first sown in the year 1933 when the Easton Hospital Association was founded by David A. Skilman. This was supposed to be a prepaid plan that would cover hospital care over a period of 21 days at an annual charge of $10. Five years later, in 1938, the Capital Hospital Service, a prepaid plan service that would exclusively operate in the Harrisburg area, came into existence. In 1939, the Easton Hospital Association got the permission to function as the Blue Cross of Lehigh Valley. 1965 saw the Capital Hospital Service go through a similar change when it started operating as the Capital Blue Cross. Finally in 1985, Capital Blue Cross and Blue Cross of Lehigh Valley merged to form the Blue Cross that stands today.

The organization offers plans to individuals, employee groups and people who are eligible for Medicare. Individual health coverage includes a traditional plan, a comprehensive plan, a short- term plan and a special care plan apart from a few more. The traditional plan offers members with great flexibility as far as the provider network is concerned. There are two flanks under this plan- the Medical Surgical plan and the Major Medical plan. While the former assists in providing inpatient and outpatient services revolving around medical and surgical care, the latter focuses on office visits. The comprehensive plan comes at a reasonable rate and combines a number of benefits into one package. The highlight of this plan is that members may choose their providers according to their convenience and preference. Inpatient and outpatient services, emergency services and maternity care are some benefits this plan covers. The short term plan is for students and people between jobs. Members can choose from 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 or 180 days of coverage. The special care plan is an inexpensive health plan aimed at covering medical services of various kinds. Members do not have to pay deductibles in case of this plan.

Group plans range from a traditional plan to a PPO plan to a POS and an HMO plan. The traditional plan covers benefits like preventive care, maternity care and inpatient and outpatient services amidst several others. The PPO plan has similar benefits with an additional substance abuse treatment. In the POS plan, members have to get their services from a Primary Care Physician (PCP) who will be a part of the chosen network. The process is quite the same for the HMO plan.

In the Medicare plan category, Capital Blue Cross offers two plans- the Senior Blue and the Senior Blue PPO. Both the plans waive annual deductibles and demand lesser out- of- pocket costs.

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