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Excellus BlueCross BlueShield (New York)

Excellus BlueCross BlueShield (New York)

The largest non profit health insurance company in New York State is how people throughout the United States know Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield. With its headquarters in Rochester, the organization presently serves more than 2 million people. The expanse of its activities is massive what with the organization not only providing health care products and services in New York State but also offering long term care options across the nation. The company hires as many as 6000 people to make services available to existing members and prospective ones. The organizationís focus on member health and quality of life explains its unprecedented success in the health insurance industry over the years. Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield ensures health care advantages for people from all sections of the community, the poor and the old receiving more importance as a result of organizational objectives.

When the organization finally became Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield it had 71 years of relentless serving behind it. The initiation of this company began to take shape as early as 1932 when the Blue Cross brand was born out of a need to provide a prepaid health plan. The year 1935 saw the formation of the Rochester Hospital Service Corporation that later acquired the name of Blue Cross of Rochester. The very next year the Syracuse Hospital Service Corporation was established, an enterprise which later went on to become popular as the Blue Cross of Central New York. 1945 saw the initiation of the CNY Medical Plan Inc, a name that was later shelved for the Blue Shield of Central New York. A year later the operations of the Genesee Valley Medical Care Inc started. People later came to know the organization by the name of Blue Shield of Rochester. Fifty years later, in 1996, the Rochester and Central New York plans merged to become Excellus Inc. The next year the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Utica- Watertown became the third component in Excellus Inc and finally in 2003 Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield was born.

The organization offers plans in a number of categories like individual, family, group (that includes small groups and large groups) and consumer driven health plans too. Plan offerings are divided between Preferred Provider Organization or PPO plans, Health Maintenance Organization or HMO plans, Point of Service or POS plans and plans that agree with Health Savings Account (HSA) requirements. Most plans offer a range of deductibles so that policyholders can pay according to their convenience. Apart from the above, the Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield also offers dental insurance and life insurance plans.


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