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Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

For an organization that started more than seven decades back, Highmark has come a long way. Highmark comprises three organizations today namely, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield (that operates in the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania), High Mark Blue Shield (that operates throughout Pennsylvania) and Mountain State Blue Cross Blue Shield (that has its operations around West Virginia). Highmark as a single health insurance providing unit is held in high regard for its commitment towards its members and the communities it serves. The organizationís motto goes by the simple belief of offering quality and affordability at the same time. As far as Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield is concerned, plan offerings cater to individuals, families and companies.

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield plans for individuals and families are divided into categories so that applicants may find the right plan with agreement to their situation and circumstances. If there are plans for new graduates, there are even plans for people days away from getting married and ones who are already married and thinking of starting a family. While there are coverage options for the self employed, there are choices even for people between jobs and persons who have chosen to retire earlier. And whatís more, people in the lower income groups also have health insurance options to consider. In almost all the categories, the PPO Blue range of plans is a common feature with deductible choice starting at $1200 and going upto $3500. The individual and family category of plans also has the popular Direct Blue plan range where members get the flexibility to see doctors of their choice at competitive rates. Other plan ranges include Preferred Blue, Keystone Blue, Complete Care and others.

Individuals of 65 or above who are Medicare eligible have plan choices at their disposal. These choices include Advantage plans, Supplement plans and a Medicare Part D plan. Advantage plans you could access consist of Security Blue, Freedom Blue PPO AND Freedom Blue PFFS. The range of supplement plans comprises Signature 65 and Medigap Blue. Blue Rx represents the range of Medicare Part D prescription drug plans from the organization.

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield also offers coverage options to companies. Choices are inclusive of PPO Blue, EPO Blue, Keystone Blue, Classic Blue, Freedom Blue and others. The PPO Blue range has something for every group- on one hand there are products that give affordability the nod and on the other there are ones that are more high- deductible in nature. For companies with operations all over the US, the EPO plan offerings work just fine. Keystone Blue plans are HMOs with maximum benefits on offer at inexpensive rates. Classic Blue products are created on the lines of traditional indemnity plans and give the highest amount of benefits. Freedom Blue is the perfect choice for Medicare eligible employer groups. Apart from these, Highmark BCBS also has two plans under the Federal Employee Program category.


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