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Highmark Blue Shield

Highmark Blue Shield

Over many decades now, certain parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania has known and trusted only one name in healthcare- Highmark. The tale of Highmark as an organization is many decades old. It started right back during the 1930ís and since then has been fiercely committed towards the cause and wellbeing of people in the areas it serves. Throughout its functional years it has never let its focus change from its mission which is to make healthcare a possibility amongst all by keeping rates low and convenient. The company believes in putting members first and doing utmost to ensure they have a healthier existence.

Highmark Blue Shield offers plans to individuals, families, persons eligible for Medicare and to employer groups. Its plans for families and individuals are divided in about five categories to suit the requirements of applicants. While some plans are aimed at young students, some others are targeted towards people about to get married or start a family. Alongside these plans, options for early retirees, people between jobs and self employed people are also to be found. Also, plans based strictly on income are available.

Young graduates can choose from two sets of plans- PPO Blue Plans and Direct Blue plans. In the PPO Blue plan range, there are three plan choices depending on deductible. For the first youíd need to pay a yearly deductible of $1200 (in case of a family, this would be $2,400), for the second a yearly deductible of $2600 needs to be paid (if itís a family the amount is $5200) and for the third one a yearly deductible payment of $3500 needs to be made (a family, in this case, would need to pay $7000). Benefits in these plans include emergency care, diagnostic services, preventive care, prescription drug benefits and more. Note that benefits vary according to plan choice. The Direct Blue plans are distributed over deductible choices of $0, $250 and $500.

If youíre getting married, you can choose from amongst a PPO Blue plan range, a Direct Blue plan range and a Classic Blue range. In the PPO Blue range there are three deductible choices of $1200, $2600 and $3500. The Direct Blue range demands $0, $250 or $500 according to the plan one chooses. Classic Blue has two deductible options- $750 and $1500. For persons between jobs, the Direct Blue range of plans is available. There are three deductible choices- $0, $250 and $500. Income based programs revolve around affordable products for children and adults.

Are you 65 or above? Highmark Blue Shield offers four kinds of plans- traditional indemnity, advantage, supplement and prescription drug plans. Signature 65, Medigap Blue, Freedom Blue PPO and Blue Rx are plans in that order.

Employer groups have access to plans like PPO Blue, EPO Blue, Classic Blue and Freedom Blue. PPO Blue gives members flexibility in terms of access to providers. EPO Blue offers advantages benefits much like a standard HMO plan but its main highlight is its functionality throughout the nature. Classic Blue and Freedom Blue are the traditional indemnity and Medicare eligible plans offered to companies by Highmark Blue Shield.


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