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Hawaii Medical Service Association

Hawaii Medical Service Association

Hawaii is served by some of the best companies as far as health insurance is concerned. The power of blue is undeniably strong in Hawaii as well and it is the Hawaii Medical Service Association that wins all the accolades for offering the best health coverage in the area for over seen decades now. It is an independent licensee under the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, a network where 39 different plans operate in close conjunction. The statistics are the biggest pointer towards the confidence Hawaiians have bestowed in the Hawaii Medical Service Association. More than half of the entire state of Hawaii has chosen the HMSA as its trusted insurance provider.

The Hawaii Medical Service Associationís humble beginnings date back to 1935. It was in this year that a number of social workers in Hawaii joined hands to create a not- for- profit organization that would work for the benefit of its members primarily. They established the headquarters of the organization in Oahu, where the organization rendered health related services on June 1 1938, for the very first time. In ten years time, the HMSA had acquired massive stature and was serving more than 30,000 members.

But it was only during the 1940ís that the Hawaii Medical Service Association was blessed with the Blue Shield strength when it came within the folds of the Blue Shield Association. The organization started taking active initiative during the 1970ís when Hawaii encountered limitless rise in overall prices. Cost of health care also rose and HMSA strived to provide insurance at affordable rates to be able to cover the maximum number of people in Hawaii.

During the 1990ís, the organization also became a part of the Blue Cross Association. From then on it has been known as the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Hawaii. Today like most other licensees under the BCBSA, HMSA offers a range of plans that include individual plans, group or employer- provided plans and Medicare plans. In all three categories both Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans are available.

Individual coverage is available for individuals who do not have access to any kind of coverage, through their employers or otherwise. Students, children, Medicare beneficiaries and self- employed persons can find coverage under this category. HMSAís individual plans comprise the Childrenís Plan, Conversion Plan 10, Plan 6 and PPO Conversion plans besides several others. As far as employer provided plans are concerned HMSA give special focus to this category. Health Plan Hawaii is the most popular plan in this category. It is essentially a Health Maintenance Organization Plan that provides preventive care advantages. Like all other HMO plans, Health Plan Hawaii requires policyholders to choose a health center and a personal care physician so that he or she can avail the benefits full on. Under the Medicare plans segment, there are three plans that one could choose from- the 65C Plus plan, Medicare Rx plan and the Senior Connection plan.


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