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Independence Blue Cross (Pennsylvania - Philadelphia)

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Independence Blue Cross (Pennsylvania - Philadelphia)

Independence Blue Cross (Pennsylvania - Philadelphia)

With about 70 years of experience and expertise to back it up, the Independence Blue Cross continues to occupy the numero uno position in the health insurance industry in the areas spanning around Philadelphia. In this region itself the company provides health coverage to more than 2.5 million people and membership at the national level exceeds 3.4 million. As an employer also, the dimensions of the Independence Blue Cross are massive since it has more than 9000 employees working for it. Its customer service and attempts to improvise and innovate on existing products make this organization stable and trustworthy.

1938 was the year the Independence Blue Cross saw the light of day, not as it stands today but as the Associated Hospital Service of Philadelphia. The very first person who enrolled for a plan here was the then Philadelphia state Mayor, Mr. S. Davis Wilson. Apart from individual coverage the company also offered group insurance and the first to avail a plan in this category were employees of Independence Hall. Exactly five decades after it first began business, the Associated Hospital Service of Philadelphia had its name changed to Independence Blue Cross. Today the organization has several affiliates serving members at the national level. Affiliates include FutureScripts, AmeriHealth, Veridign Health Solutions, AmeriHealth Administrators, AmeriHealth Casualty Services, NewSeasons Assisted Living Communities and Keystone Mercy Health Plan.

The Independence Blue Cross offers health plans in two broad categories- individual and family insurance and group insurance. In the first category, health coverage is not only available for individuals and families but also for students, Medicare beneficiaries, people with low- income and the self- employed. In the second, companies become eligible for insurance depending upon their size. Group insurance is available for companies with 2 to 9 employees, 10 to 99 employees and for companies with more than 100 employees.

Individuals and families can make their pick from three featured plans namely the traditional plan (indemnity), Keystone Health Plan East HMO and the Personal Choice PPO plans. The traditional plan allows policyholders to access providers of their choice. Since the Blue Cross brand is recognized all over, the scope of coverage is worldwide. The Keystone Health Plan East HMO is perfect for people who want coverage at an affordable price. Benefits include ambulance services, maternity care, home health care and many more. The Personal Choice PPO plan has benefits like preventive care, emergency services and substance abuse treatment amongst many others.

Student health plans include the Keystone Health Plan East HMO and the Student Health fee- for- service plan. Independence Blue Cross offers four plan options to people from the low- income group- Adult Basic, Special Care, Keystone Mercy and Children’s Health Insurance Program.

As for group plans, employee groups of all sizes can have access to health plans, prescription plans and also supplemental plans.

Medicare beneficiaries can choose from amongst the Personal Choice 65 plan, the Security 65 plan, the Select Advantage plan and the Keystone 65 plan.

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