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La Cruz Azul de Puerto Rico

La Cruz Azul de Puerto Rico

The power of Blue Cross apart from touching the lives of millions in the United States has also made its way into the hearts of people living in Puerto Rico. For a period of over sixty years, La Cruz Azul de Puerto Rico has given heart and soul to promote peopleís welfare and healthcare in Puerto Rico. With an aim of offering quality healthcare products and services, the organization has continued to rule the health insurance industry in Puerto Rico as the largest insurance providing company. La Cruz Azul de Puerto Rico has an extensive provider network of esteemed professionals and medical centers with whom it works closely to offer the best to Puerto Ricans.

The history of La Cruz Azul de Puerto Rico stretches back to 1942, when Law 152 ,stating consent with regards to non- profit bodies offering health products and services, was passed. The approval of this law set the stage for La Cruz Azul de Puerto Rico and the organization finally started in 1943. Throughout its operational years, the organization has integrated its process of functioning to welcome newer changes into its folds. For instance, La Cruz Azul de Puerto Rico was the first health insurance organization which came up with a plan tailor- made for government employees. Likewise, it has had other achievements as well and has existed for six and a half decades offering competent services at competitive prices.

The organization offers a wide range of coverage to customers ranging from individuals and employee groups to government and Federal employees. Additionally, the company also has a drug discount program in their agenda. Medical underwriting is strictly followed as far as individual plans are concerned. Eligible applicants can get insurance only through an agent or broker who is licensed to offer the organizationís products and services. Offerings in the individual plan category include a medical plan, a dental plan and a drug plan.

In the group plan category, La Cruz Azul de Puerto Rico innovates and improvises on products and services so as to fit the needs and requirements of different organizations perfectly. Most of the plans are decided as applicable depending upon the employee strength of the organization in question. Plans in this category include benefits like inpatient and outpatient services, maternity care, emergency care and additional physician services.

The company has created an extensive range of plans especially for employees working with the Puerto Rican government and their families. All of these plans are comprehensive in nature and pack a number of benefits within a bundle. Benefits under these plans include dental care, vision care and drugs. Apart from these, members can avail the Blue Card program that makes them eligible to access healthcare in the United States. Also the Blue Card Worldwide program allows members to get medical attention even outside Puerto Rico and United States.

As for federal employees, they too have innumerable options to fall back on. Upon wanting they may choose to avail a high deductible plan also.


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