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Premera Blue Cross

Premera Blue Cross

When the roots of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association started growing in 1939, little did it know that it would have under its wing one of the most powerful health insurance providers in the United States. That is exactly how Premera is known today. It is now an indispensable part of the BCBSA 39 plan network. Premera acts as two distinctive branches today- the Premera Blue Cross of Washington on one hand and the Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska on the other. In Washington it provides health coverage only under the Blue Cross brand though Clark County is definitely an exception. In Alaska, it has the license to operate both under the Blue Cross and Blue Shield licenses. It also functions in Arizona and Oregon but on a much lesser scale under the brand name Lifewise. It also has a subsidiary known as Calypso that takes care of organization related services that make sure provider overpayments do not go unnoticed.

Premera has remained an insurance stalwart for decades know ever since it was first established in 1945. At that time the name Washington Hospital Service was given to it. And it was only in 1957 that it started its operations in Alaska. Further down the line in 1969 it acquired the Blue name and began to be referred as the Blue Cross of Washington and Alaska. Much later in 1994 the organization got an affiliation from the Medical Service Corporation in Spokane and it was four years later that these two bodies came together under one head and acquired the name Premera Blue Cross.

Today all over the US people primarily regard Premera because of its priceless contribution to the field of health coverage. Premera offers a range of plans which is why individuals, families, small and large families have their own expected set of benefits to look forward to. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans, indemnity insurance, dental insurance, Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) plans and Medicare plans are certain categories Premera provides coverage in. Their long term plans are supported by a network that consists of more than 1000 providers and a customer base that is numbered at around 108, 000 members in Alaska alone.

  • In 2002, Premera made secure a place for themselves in history when they came up with the innovative Premera Dimensions. This plan revolutionized benefits and services to a large extent by
  • Giving takers to choose a provider network depending upon convenience and needs. Now takers have the opportunity to choose from an extended network of doctors as well.
  • Providing affordable healthcare options so that a maximum number of people can gain access to the plan.
  • Improving tools and offering greater information so that customer experience is maximum.
  • Offering round the clock customer service.


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