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Regence BlueCross BlueShield

Regence BlueCross BlueShield

The Regence Group is one of the most important health insurance providers under the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association comprising four plans holding the Regence brand name- the Regence Blue Shield of Idaho, the Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon, the Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Utah and the Regence Blue Shield of Washington. It is only in eastern Washington that it operates under the name of Asuris since Premera, the organizationís topmost competitor gained the license to use the Blue Shield name before it did. The headquarters of the Regence Group is situated in Oregon in Portland, the operations of the organization being massive with over 6,000 employees working for it.

The above mentioned four plans cater to the maximum number of people in the areas stretching across Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Washington. In fact the number served by these plans is as high as 3 million. United States knows the Regence Group especially because it takes great efforts to raise the health insurance bar in the four states that it serves. The organization has expressed their desire to operate as a single unit across the four states so that there may be greater unity in action. They also believe in enhancing their relationship with customers over transactions and interactions. The Regence Group should be the chosen health insurance provider following three important reasons:

  • Financial Stability - The Regence Group clearly boasts of financial strength and stability with a surplus of more than $1 billion. Their products and services are equally reliable and can be touted as some of the best in the health insurance industry. The Regence Groupís customer base includes individuals and families to companies functioning at the regional ad national levels. The organization ensures customer satisfaction concerning all of its products and services.
  • Brand Strength - The Regence Group is an independent licensee under the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association and this state of affairs has naturally increased dependence levels amongst customers. Members under the Regence Group can gain access to networks at all levels- regional, state and national. This allows them to do in- depth research on options like providers, doctors and other services. This suggests that they can rely on the Regence Group no matter where they are.
  • Community- based goals - All goals of the Regence Group is essentially community based because they are a not- for- profit organization. Their aim is to constantly improve upon the existing health plans and serve the people of Oregon, Utah, Washington and Idaho to the best of their abilities. As a not- for- profit body one of their goals is also to offer quality health insurance at lesser cost and they have been successful in doing so.
  • Plans provide - The Regence Group provides health coverage in varied categories ranging from individual and group to dental, vision and life insurance. Medicare programs are also available at Regence.


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