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Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield

People living or working in Iowa and South Dakota have one of the most dependable health coverage options to fall back on- the Wellmark Inc. The statistics are enough to bring forth the fact that Wellmark Inc. truly has the power of the Blues (referring to Blue Cross and Blue Shield) with them. In Iowa the organization serves as the Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa covering more than 1,700, 000 customers. The organization also operates in South Dakota as the Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Dakota, where it provides health insurance to as many as 3, 00, 000 customers. Matching the popularity of their individual and group health plans is the reputation of plans tailor- made for the employees of the Federal Government. No wonder in Iowa the organization plays insurer to more than 45, 000 federal employees and in South Dakota the number is about 25, 500.

Wellmark Inc.ís history is intricately connected to that of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield brands. It goes back to as early as 1939, when the Hospital Service Incorporated of Iowa started full- fledged operations in Des Moines. That very year the Associated Hospital Services Incorporated began their operations in Iowa. Interestingly the same year the official Blue Cross emblem graced the brand for the first time. As for the Hospital Service Incorporated of Iowa and the Associated Hospital Services Incorporated, the former later donned the name of the Blue Cross of Iowa and the latter, the Blue Cross of Western Iowa and South Dakota. Today, Wellmark is a name to reckon with for it is an integral part of a network offering 39 plans and serving about 99 million all over the United States.

Wellmark has a range of plans aimed at different groups in society. If there is individual and family insurance on one hand, then there is coverage for companies and Federal employees on the other. The organization also offers Medicare options to people over the age of 65. In the list of individual and family plans provided in Iowa first is the Alliance Select Essential plan that charges a deductible of about $1500. The co- payments are also quite high in the plans but that keeps a check on the premium amount. The Essential plan provides adequate coverage for medical, hospital and surgical care. In this category you will also come across the Alliance Select Enhanced plans which let you choose a deductible from the featured $600, $1200 and $1800. These plans cover a greater number of services than the Essential plans. Both these plans, though, are essentially Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans.

In South Dakota, the individual plans range from the Blue Select to the Blue Select Plus and the Blue Priority HSA. The Blue Select is a PPO plan that lets you select from five deductibles and covers you under several categories including maternity and chiropractic care. Like the Blue Select Plan the Blue Select Plus Plan also lets you select from five deductibles according to your convenience. As for Blue Priority HSA, it is a low- cost insurance plan that provides takers with tax benefits.


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