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Indiana Wellpoint Inc

Indiana Wellpoint Inc

Indiana Wellpoint Inc is one of the leading providers of health care plans for people residing in Indiana. It serves over 35 million people throughout the nation .The Company offers group health plans, individual health plans and state sponsored plans. Also on offer are the prescription drug facilities and life insurance plans. The company also offers dental plans and vision products designed to serve a wide group of needs. As behavioral health is as serious a concern as any other physical illness or injury, Indiana Wellpoint Inc also offers substance abuse and mental health services.

Group plans:

This coverage is provided by the employers. Indiana Wellpoint Inc offers many options designed to cater to the needs of both big and small businesses. These plans are- Lumenos Consumer Driven Health Plans, Blue Access (PPO), Blue Preferred Primary (HMO) and the Blue Traditional Plans. The company also offers specialty products to complement the coverage provided by the health plans. Another plan offered by the company is the Blue Worldwide Expat Plan for workers in US companies doing business abroad.

Individual and family plans:

If you are self employed or ending COBRA coverage, leaving a group plan or need coverage for a dependant, Indiana Wellpoint Inc has plans that are just right for you. The following plans are offered by the company- Blue Access Value, Blue Access Economy, Blue Access, Blue Short Term, Blue Traditional, Blue Access Basis, Lumenos consumer driven plans provided directly to families and individuals , Lumenos consumer driven plans provided by employers, the Dental Blue Plans and The Blue Preferred Term Life. Also on offer are the Indiana Hoosier Healthwise (Medicaid and SCHIP) program and the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP).

State sponsored plans

Indiana Wellpoint Inc offers the Indiana Hoosier Healthwise program under the state sponsored plans. It also offers the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) plan to adults. This plan provides comprehensive medical services, prescription drug facilities and health services. As it is subsidized by the state of Indiana, it requires very little contributions from the member.

Prescription drug facilities

Most of the plans offered by Indiana Wellpoint Inc come together with prescription coverage so that your medications become less costly. You can avail of the mail service pharmacy facility provided by the company. It also provides drug coverage through preferred pharmacists to make your costs more affordable.

Life insurance plans

The plans offered by the company include Group Term Life Insurance, Short Term Disability Insurance, Long Term Disability Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance. These plans are designed to protect employees from costs incurred as a result of disability or dismemberment.

Behavioral health

Behavioral health is as important as physical well being. Keeping this mind, Indiana Wellpoint Inc offers programs that are designed to give you all the advantages of specialty care and a comprehensive approach to care in cases of depression, anxiety and substance abuse.

Dental plans

Both dental PPO and traditional plans are offered by Indiana Wellpoint Inc. These are the New Dental Blue PPO plan and the Anthem Dental Traditional Plan.


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