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Interactive Navigation Solution by BCBSA

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Interactive Navigation Solution by BCBSA

Interactive Navigation Solution by BCBSA

BCBSA launched AskBlue - an online tool to help customers find the best coverage that suits their need and budget; from a wide array of healthcare choices.

AskBlue is specifically designed to meet the demand of unemployed and uninsured individuals that are not eligible for the group benefits or have lost employer-oriented coverage. AskBlue is the only online interactive navigational and educational tool which deals with the requirements of the customers in individual health-insurance market and assists them in the challenging economic situation.

According to Scott P. Serota, the CEO and president of BCBSA said that his company supports the healthcare system which offers healthcare coverage to every American. To reach this goal and to ensure a complete and sustainable healthcare overhaul, BCBSA works together with the Administration and Congress. They are happy to launch this online tool to let the consumers get instant healthcare solutions.

Some important facts about AskBlue

  • It provides customers with summary of Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) insurance options.
  • It provides a general synopsis of specific healthcare products on the basis of the information customers provide during their session with AskBlue. However, it is not an insurance application.
  • It helps the customers get confidential and anonymous information about the services and products that fit their requirements. They just need to put the zip code of their area.
  • It analyzes and represents different coverage choices in a brief format to the individuals who are not well-known about different coverage types and their advantages.
  • The entire process takes only few minutes to be done.
  • After completing the process, the visitors are provided with the option to contact local BCBS Company for the quote information. Otherwise, they can simply leave online AskBlue experience with a printed version of customized options especially created to meet their specific needs.

The BCBS companies found great support for the program even before it was launched. About 80% consumers, who have visited AskBlue, stayed on and got customized healthcare coverage info.

As of now, 18 BCBS companies offer along with insurance plans happening to inflate this program in the additional markets. For further information, you can visit

AskBlue does not provide insurance coverage or guarantee any. It also does not provide any financial or legal advice. You can contact local BCBS Company to find the terms and rates for these as well as other insurance products, application procedure and other important information.

AskBlue was designed in collaboration with Jellyvision Lab, Inc. a leading provider of interactive conversation application in the United States.


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