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Playground in Houston by BCBS and KIPP

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Playground in Houston by BCBS and KIPP

Playground in Houston by BCBS and KIPP

As a part of the ongoing partnership between KaBOOM and Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA), BCBS of Texas has made an announcement. They have announced that they are getting partnered with the KIPP Houston to establish a state-of-art playground for the children of Houston. This playground in Houston by BCBS and KIPP has been built in only one day. Structure on 2500 sq. ft. playground at the KIPP Explore Academy at 5402 Lawndale Street Houston, TX 77023 was started at 8:30 am and concluded with a ribbon-cutting occasion at 2:30 pm.

The playground in Houston by BCBS and KIPP at the KIPP Explore Academy will give over 100 kids who attended the academy a safe and secure place for playing.

People from throughout the city helped in different ways to build the playground:

  • Children of the KIPP Explore participated in designing the new playground by the drawings they made at the Design Day in Houston.
  • Over 200 volunteers from the BCBS group of companies countrywide, members of Houston as well as the residents of Houston community committed to assist to build the construction as per their capacity.

The playground in Houston by BCBS and KIPP at the KIPP Explore is the fourth project done by the collaboration of the KaBOOM and BCBSA. The project represents one of over 150 projects which KaBOOM will establish by the next year. Before this project, the collaboration of KaBOOM and BCBSA has built play spaces in

  • San Diego
  • New Orleans and
  • Chicago

According to Scott P. Serota, the CEO and president for BCBSA, nationwide BCBS group of companies is dedicated to invest in their respective local communities to offer creative approaches for helping children live happier and healthier lives, not only now but in future, too. They are proud with the collaboration of Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies with KaBOOM and KIPP of Houston. He delivered his gratitude to all the volunteers who have worked hard to make the dream true for the kids of KIPP Explore.

Frank Cush, the school leader for the KIPP Explore Academy said it to be a great opportunity to pulling the entire community together. It was not so easy to build a play space from a scratch, but after putting lots of efforts for months, their dream is now ready to become real.

The students of KIPP Explore are so happy and excited about the project. They get thrilled when they pass by the posters displaying the future play space. They work so hard every single day to make their dreams true.

KaBOOM is a national non-profit organization that has provided professional assistance for establishing the KIPP play space. Since 1995, the company has been sharing their community-oriented model for bringing community interests as well as business to build over 1700 play spaces, sports fields, and ice rinks and skate parks all through North America.

According to Darell Hammond, the co-founder and CEO for KaBOOM, a playground is one of the very few places for children's gathering. And, such a gathering can help children improve their physical and mental ability. Therefore, his company appreciates the effort of KIPP as well as BCBSA for their joint effort to create such a fun-filled and healthy environment for the children.

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