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Providing Coverage to the Uninsured is the Main Concern

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Providing Coverage to the Uninsured is the Main Concern

Providing Coverage to the Uninsured is the Main Concern

Scott P. Serota, the CEO and president at the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, made the subsequent statement in acknowledgment to the Cover the Uninsured Week, took place between 22nd March and 28th March:

He said that the BCBSA strongly thinks everybody should have medical insurance and they should do much more to extend coverage to 45 million uninsured Americans. Now, this is the high time to take action. He added that they know what is at risk for the nation and wish to help through customized solutions that are perfect for every sector of the country's economy including private sector.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association's “Pathway to Covering America” application is a complete plan to extend the access to everyone by establishing on employer-oriented system as well as attending to the projects for improving the standard and lower-costs that go side by side as part of a solution. Using proportional efficiency study to get known which treatments will work the best, altering the rate of incentives in the delivery system for rewarding the standard, emphasizing on disease avoidance and wellness and the private-public insurance coverage are also important components of their plan for changing the delivery of healthcare.

An individual permission wanting all Americans to have health insurance coverage and wanting every insurer to admit everybody irrespective of their medical condition is a significant part of a meaningful healthcare reform. Pairing these needs would make the insurance providers able to provide insurance coverage to all irrespective of health status; devoid of the unintentional consequences of raising premiums. With all covered with an individual mandate and financial supports for those people who require help paying for insurance premiums, insurance can act as planned and extend the jeopardy over a wide and delegate population and so pass up the risk of only those persons who require insurance buying coverage.

He mentioned that the “Pathway” application reflects many of the US president's main concerns and they hope to work with administration, main stakeholders and the Congress to develop further healthcare reform. They are hopeful that jointly they can tackle the challenges that have made coverage exorbitant for many people.

For more information on "The Pathway to Covering America"- the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association's complete five-pint healthcare reform policy, you can visit at Information on Cover the Uninsured Week is available at

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