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Regence Launches Website for Healthcare Debate

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Regence Launches Website for Healthcare Debate

Regence Launches Website for Healthcare Debate

Confusion and complexity related to healthcare reform is the key component of simple queries that people can conduct daily; and questions which can force an effective and real-time healthcare overhaul.

To stimulate this effort, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield launched It is a comprehensive online effort created to encourage discussion, debate, and eventually engagement and activities by the consumers. Since the entire U.S. wants a healthcare reform, every American has a chance and a pledge to develop a reasonable, effectual and considerate healthcare system.

According to Mark Ganz, the CEO and president of Regence, all Americans have important role and voice in America's healthcare reform. But, they have found that many Americans have least information and facts about transformation of healthcare system that could let them effectively involve in this process. And, to link this information gap and to inspire people, they have introduced an effort that emphasizes on power of the question----“what's the real cost?”

The debate on the healthcare system reform rages that without dealing with high medical costs, the country can't achieve a significant healthcare system overhaul. And, this rage is an important component of Regence's current campaign to make consumers knowledgeable about the actual healthcare costs and how the options they choose can make impact on the costs.

By learning about healthcare expenses and taking necessary actions to deal with them, the individuals taking part in this can significantly decrease the runaway costs and improve from being the lemming within a system to the cost buster. The main website,, has different mini websites. Each of them carries individual message and has individual activity:

It educates the customer on real cost of particular procedures- which areas of healthcare system contribute to those expenses.

This site features healthcare facts and myths as well as current federal proposals on the healthcare transformation.

This site provides an interactive and involving experience focused on educating customers with the questions that they must ask to reduce the healthcare costs and to change the present healthcare world.

This is the place where the participating consumers can get connected to each other by means of blogging, social networking and contributing voice to different movements. It also features Twitter and Facebook links.

It's a web-based game in which user is the “Community Health Planner”. They are provided with a challenge to manage health of a community with restricted fund.

Mark Ganz said that they know the cost of maintaining status quo and of doing nothing. It has outcome as an untenable healthcare system. According to Ganz, when people ask something, they just fuel the innovation exploration and change. The questions and voices can accomplish over any government edict. People can share their stories, gain knowledge, trade examples and hold the whole system responsible.

The revolution can be initiated with five questions are available at:

For further enquiries and inspiration, visit, and participate in the conversation.


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