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Arguments Following Density of Breast Tissue

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Arguments Following Density of Breast Tissue

Arguments Following Density of Breast Tissue

Since the year 1970 onwards, doctors have believed that the density of the breast tissues indicates the formation of tumors. But today, with the arrival of latest advancements in medical science, many new developments have also been made in the field of breast cancer diagnosis.

Recently, many researchers have stated that verifying breast density proves to be useful for women. But again, many other doctors and researchers are against this thought. As a result this has led to a major argument regarding the usefulness of determining the density of breast tissue.

Connecticut was indeed the 1st state of the country to propose the law that women patients' must be offered details regarding the density of their breast tissues, when they will undergo mammogram screenings. This is because, doctors state that women who have high level of density in their breast tissues are more prone towards developing tumors, and these tumors are extremely difficult to trace. Therefore, they must be notified in advance, so that they can undergo advanced diagnosis for detecting breast cancer in their body and seek doctor's advice accordingly.

However, many breast cancer specialists and doctors have countered the Connecticut regulation. They have agreed to the fact that verifying the density of breast tissue aids in diagnosis and further treatment of the patients. But they have strongly opposed the idea of informing the women about the risk of breast cancer in their body. As per them, the women patients will become more nervous and worried on hearing about the presence of breast cancer tumors in their body. Consequently, the situation may turn even worse than useful.

Another problem that arises in this case is that, no common and globally recognized methods of measuring the density of breast tissues are present. So, though doctors inform women about their density of breast tissue, they will be unable to convey the meaning of such reports because of the lack of available resources.

However, in order to increase protection, doctors recommend all women to undergo yearly mammogram screenings in order to analyze the risk of breast cancer in their bodies. American Cancer Society however suggests yearly mammogram screenings for women who have attained 40 years of age or over. This is the age when women have the risk of having breast cancer.

But many doctors and experts remark that those women, who have a minimal risk of having breast cancer, can however skip their yearly mammograms and undergo these screenings at least once in every 5 years. These screenings are expensive and therefore, unnecessary undergoing these tests means wastage of money.

Doctors also suggest that patients who were found to have higher breast density must contact a breast cancer specialist immediately. However, higher density of breast tissues doesn't always indicate the presence of tumors. But if tumors are detected then treatment will be done as soon as possible. If the treatment is delayed then the patients may reach a higher stage of breast cancer or even worse and that may be beyond treatment, leading to the death of the patient. That is why women must take sufficient counter measures. It is hoped that with the advancement of time, more specialized technology will be available that would help in easy diagnosis and successful treatment of breast cancer.


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