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Blue Dogs Arrive Close to Health Reform

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Blue Dogs Arrive Close to Health Reform

Blue Dogs Arrive Close to Health Reform

On July 29, 2009, the traditional democrats signed a contract with the party leaders that would help in minimizing costs and simplify the needs of small business establishments. After this incident, the health reform issue has achieved greater importance.

Jim Matheson, the Democratic leader of Utah has however remained discontented as most of his proposals and amendments were not taken into account in this contract. He has therefore planned to go against his own party and oppose the bill in the meeting of House Energy and Commerce Committee, to be held in the first week of August 2009.

Many of the changes as proposed by Matheson resembles closely with the Republican suggestions. Matheson believes that the signed deal heavily empowers the federal government and pays very less attention in reviving the erroneous medical claims, which is in operation since years.

Despite being an associate of Blue Dog Democratic society, an association of financial conformists, Matheson has warned his fellow team members to join with the Republican leaders in order to abolish the newly signed bill.

Out of the 7 Blue Dog members who assembled in the meeting of House Energy and Commerce Committee, four gave their consent for the proposal formulated on July 29, 2009. This indicates that majority of the board are in favor of the proposal. However, the proposal still awaits a complete voting session to be held within September 2009, for all House members.

The President of United States, Barack Obama has wholeheartedly embraced the proposal, particularly from the time when his famous domestic issue met with frequent obstacles in the recent times. The harmony was attained after the White House representatives and House leaders took part in a prolonged negotiation with the Blue Dog Democratic leaders. Previously, Matheson and few other officials had a talk with Obama regarding this issue.

As per the terms of the contract, the House leaders promised to cut 100 billion dollars from the planned budget of the 1 trillion dollars proposal. They decided to enable the doctors to settle the amount of compensation they would receive through the government-aided health insurance program, rather than labeling the sums to the usual Medicaid program that always pays less. Plus, the contract even allows the small business owners to skip paying penalties in case they choose not to provide health insurance packages to their employees.

However, Matheson is of the opinion that the proposal lacks certain terms that must be included in order to make it a comprehensive plan. He proposed certain provisions in order to strengthen the competency of the bill.

Firstly, he was found to be against the formulation of a government-funded public health plan. Instead, he put showed his preference towards the formulation of a state-run collaborative health plan analogous to the rural electric firms. He stated that such a health plan should be accessible by those people who are unable to avail private insurance coverage.

He also stated that the states, which are ready to stop erroneous practices in the healthcare industry, must be funded by federal government. Matheson vowed to put forward his proposals in the next sessions of the Committee meetings.


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