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Celent awarded First Horizon Msaver

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Celent awarded First Horizon Msaver

Celent awarded First Horizon Msaver

First Horizon Msaver was awarded the 2009 Model Bank Award by Celent, a financial consulting company of Boston. This award means that First Horizon Msaver can now be regarded as an idol in the field of healthcare banking.

First Horizon Msaver possesses a unique funding portal for the employers. This enables the employers to credit member payroll deductions along with employer offerings into each of the HSAs (Health Savings Accounts).

However, this portal has been opened mainly for the small and average-sized business owners. Through this portal, the employers get the authority to manage the timing of credits and the sum of payments that is to be credited into each of the accounts, fixing automatic clearance, searching and recovering employee information, together with the details of the offerings plus their timely distribution. Apart from offering these benefits, this utility also helps in tracking the surplus contributions and monitoring open accounts.

The survey that was conducted by Celent for awarding the Model Bank Award includes sophisticated research standards along with the usage of advanced technology to handle the Health Savings Accounts. The survey considered the size of the banks, intricacies of their processes, product delivery system and technical competence.

Jacob Jegher, the chief analyst of Celent and the co-researcher of the study has clearly mentioned their objective and that was to provide some of the basic technological entities, which would be utilized by the model bank. They found First Horizon Msaver as the sole owner of the award as it possessed all the qualities that Celent was searching for.

As per E. Keohan, the president of First Horizon Msaver; their portal service aims in offering trouble-free solutions to the employers, to help them manage the HSAs for their staffs and workers.

First Horizon Msaver is an associate of First Horizon group of companies. Since a long time onwards Msaver has remained the pioneer in offering HSA services. It boasts itself in introducing some useful services for the very first time in the states. These are like online payment of bills, electronic enrollment technology, online banking services, and investment solutions along with an out-and-out HSA customer support center.

For years, Msaver is assisting thousands of people residing in the country, to avail the best benefits through their tax-free HSAs. This is in fact the prime reason for which it has received the highest level of acknowledgement from different organizations and the press. The CRO magazine included the name of First Horizon Msaver among the list of the top hundred corporate citizens of United States, for its unconditional services and contributions to the corporate world.

The company has its official website viz. www.firsthorizonmsaver.com, where users can stopover and can get additional information regarding it and its various operations.


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