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Information on dental insurance

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Information on dental insurance

Information on dental insurance

There are a number of similarities between dental insurance and health insurance. It is a common practice to secure dental insurance from your employer. But you also have other options. This page will provide you with information on dental insurance to best suit the needs of your family. You will also get a fair idea about the different plans you can choose from and the difference between dental HMOs and PPOs. You will get information on whether you can buy dental insurance individually and not through employer sponsored plans. Also get an idea about discount cards.

Plans you can choose from

You can choose from two broad categories of plans. These are fee for service plans and managed care plans. If you opt for a fee for service dental plan, you get to choose the dentist you want to see. After you have received the treatment, your employer or the plan carrier will pay a previously decided part of the costs. On the other hand, your choice of dentists is limited if you are opting for a managed care program. The amount of reimbursements you receive is also limited. The dental HMOs and PPOs are options in this kind of plan.

Difference between dental HMOs and dental PPOs

The difference is very easy to understand. In a HMO plan, the dentist, who is part of the network, is paid a particular dollar amount for services to the covered member or his family. The patient is not charged any other amount by the dentist. On the other hand, in a PPO type of plan, you are allowed to choose a dentist from the list provided to you by the company. These dentists will provide you with services at discounted rates. You can also visit a dentist who is not part of the network after paying higher co payments and deductibles.

Dental insurance - can I purchase it individually and not through an employer?

Yes, you can. Dental insurance may be provided to both individuals and families as separate insurance policies. You may also avail of dental insurance as a rider included in a health insurance plan. Of course, you have to pay additionally for such covers.

Dental insurance and discount cards

There are differences between dental discount cards and dental insurance. When you buy a dental discount card, you will get discounts on selected services provided by participating providers. But you will have to make payments for these services out of your pocket. The dental discount card is not insurance and it will not pay for services you receive.


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