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Lighthouse1 Launched OnDemand 2010

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Lighthouse1 Launched OnDemand 2010

Lighthouse1 Launched OnDemand 2010

Lighthouse1 is a leader in the CDH or Consumer Driven Healthcare administration software solution. The representatives of the Lighthouse1 launched OnDemand 2010. This is the company's one of the new features which has been declared and telecasted recently at W Hotel, Minneapolis for selected numbers of Lighthouse1 partners in person. The other partners tuned in through net. The entire presentation and the live telecast included live product demonstration along with products roadmap info presented by the Lighthouse1 representatives, the executives and the EVP Jeff Bakke, CEO Jeff Young as well as other members from the team of product management. Lighthouse1 launched OnDemand 2010 which is nation's one of the largest on demand health care solutions.

Lighthouse1 launched OnDemand 2010 and the launch came with exciting technology and product enhancements along with underlining upcoming products roadmap. The product launch ceremony also featured company's latest marketing efforts; its new website as well as customer and partner success stories. Customers, partners, Consumer-Driven Healthcare industry backers and the Lighthouse1 representative attended the ceremony either in person or through web.

Lighthouse1 OnDemand 2010 is the future of the company's unique SaaS or Software as a Service solution. OnDemand 2010 is added with so many enhancements that are specifically created to meet the demands of administrators, consumers and employers. And, because of the SaaS, the company is able to offer new enhancements and features all through the year without any interruption to the service.

Usability-oriented remodel of Lighthouse1 Consumer Portal was among the important enhancements declared at that webcast. On the basis of consumer feedback and widespread usability testing OnDemand Consumer Portal has been improved making layout, automatic communication and navigation easily usable and very much user-friendly in the entire industry. Moreover, top level info on the homepage of the latest Consumer Portal replies to most of the frequently asked questions like claims status, balances and reimbursements. These portal enhancements would notably raise the use of new portal by the consumers as well as consequently declining overhead for the administrators and employers.

Lighthouse1 launched OnDemand 2010 along with features such as improvements to configurability of new system, upgrading for the administrator operations like automation of the returning claims, improvement of the auto-substantiation methods and extra business aptitude and coverage abilities. OnDemand model has been improved to integrate big demand in health savings account participation in the 2010 that may include profound functionality in the notifications, reporting, distribution and contribution processing components. Mobile net access to the account balance info and portals is too set for the upcoming release.

According to Jeff Young, the President and CEO of Lighthouse1 they are lining up with their partners' requirements for flexibility, efficiency and growth with best innovations in usability and technology. With the rising demand for consumer-driven healthcare, people require solutions, which are secure, reliable and intuitive for everybody who uses them.

Lighthouse1 partners grew more than 37% in the previous year and have initiated heavy momentum in the market. Lighthouse1 launched OnDemand 2010 and with the launch it has proved that OnDemand 2010 is ready to maintain the growth and requirements of the administrators, employers as well as the customers and the financial institutions not only today, but also in future.

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