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One Minute Films by Liberty Mutual

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One Minute Films by Liberty Mutual

One Minute Films by Liberty Mutual

One minute films by Liberty Mutual have been added to the company's Responsibility Project. The film shorts are on personal responsibility. Liberty Mutual, America's fifth largest casualty and property insurance provider, along with NBC recently have interviewed many of the NBC stars and asked that what their conception about personal responsibility is. Their answers have been shared and broadcasted as a series of one minute films by Liberty Mutual on NBC; during its Primetime Shows.

Popular NBC stars Anthony Anderson, Zachary Levi, and Emmy nominated Jack McBrayer, Connie Britton and Milo Ventimiglia participated in those one minute films by Liberty Mutual. Each of the actors directed one of the film shorts. The films were made to address personal responsibility as well as the decision that would help those people who always try to do the correct thing.

These one minute films by Liberty Mutual are actually the results of a partnership between Liberty Mutual and NBC. Liberty Mutual is paying for the vignettes and the film shorts as a part of their Responsibility Project, which is a positive initiative emphasized on the sparkling conversations on meaning of the personal responsibility using exclusive and interesting content.

Paul Alexander, the senior vice-president of communications for Liberty Mutual Group said that the company has created Responsibility Project as the catalyst for a broader conversation on the subject of personality responsibility that has different implications for every individual. They are delighted that their collaboration with NBC and these sixty-second film shorts let them add new dimension to Responsibility Project. Liberty Mutual was also very thrilled that they were involved to bring to life today's popular actors' creative version of the concept.

Each of those film shorts were focused on the key theme of Personal Responsibility and aired during the NBC's primetime shows such as Heroes, Law & Order, The Biggest Loser, 30 Rock and The Jay Leno Show. The film shorts after on-air debut will be available on and

According to Barbara Blangiardi, the senior VP of creative partnership and innovation for NBC, they are also very much excited about the project; since it is creative and has positive aspects in many directions. She said that it is not only just an opportunity to work with the Liberty Mutual but it has given some of their talents new way to express themselves as well as added thought-generating contents to their air.

The collaboration between Liberty Mutual and NBC was matured and implanted by a Boston-based ad agency, Hill Holiday. This partnership added new dimension to the Liberty's Responsibility Project.

According to Mike Sheehan, the CEO for Hill Holiday, this alliance is an instance of how Liberty is bringing innovations in consumer involvement. And, his company is extremely proud to be a partner of Liberty Mutual. Liberty Mutual is showing the way to new strategies to build emotional connection with present and future customers.

The key concept of Responsibility Project is an evolution of Liberty Mutual advertising campaign with the tagline, “Responsibility and what's your policy?”

The project was introduced in 2006 but in 2009 it has been backed by a nationwide ad campaign, which reflects life of a typical American family and how the family confronts the decisions of personal responsibility.

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