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Patients Can Know Medical Expenses Beforehand

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Patients Can Know Medical Expenses Beforehand

Patients Can Know Medical Expenses Beforehand

The residents of Oregon will now be able to plan their expenditure for availing medical services, as they can now know about these probable expenses beforehand. This means that from now onwards, if they require visiting their doctors or undergo any medical tests or procedural treatment, they will be able to know the costs in advance.

The director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services of Oregon, Cory Streisinger, understood the need to make the right decisions for availing the best health care services. But, previously the people of the state were not able to find out the charges for visiting a doctor or the rates of the procedural treatments etc. This however posed a serious trouble to the people as they were unable to plan their expenditure beforehand and usually have to end up with a huge medical bill.

Many times it happened that people were unable to pay for the medical services as they were quite expensive. But now there is a solution to all these problems. Today, those residents of the state who possess health insurance coverage can now phone in their insurance agent or company or may even stopover at their websites, to get an approximation of the money they will need to pay for availing any particular health care related services.

In the year 2007, a state regulation was passed that entailed all insurance organizations to offer estimations to their policyholders and notify them in advance about how much they will pay for any sort of medical treatments, doctor visits, lab tests etc. As per the law, these details must be offered to the members through the company's toll-free customer care number or via their online web portals. At last, the law's provisions were finally put into effect.

Health insurance providers must offer estimations for the 5 most regular medical procedures for each of the following categories like:

  • Doctor visits
  • Laboratory tests
  • Radiology
  • Uncomplicated pregnancy cases
  • Vaccinations and anti-viral shots
  • Digestive system analysis
  • Orthopedic procedures

The patients having health insurance can now compare the fees that are charged by different doctors and visit those, whose charges are affordable. Their insurance providers will notify tem accordingly about what deductibles and copayments they will have to pay including the out-of-pocket expenses.

This estimation facility will be much helpful for those patients who will be undergoing any surgery, to plan their expenses.

However, the estimations don't take account of the expenses that would be incurred during purchasing any medical equipments and supplies, performing anesthesia, usage charges of operation rooms etc.

Existing customers of different insurance companies can contact their insurers to get these estimations.


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