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Research Suggests Health Care to be Personalized

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Research Suggests Health Care to be Personalized

Research Suggests Health Care to be Personalized

A survey conducted recently proved that patients belonging to Buffalo Niagara area, desire health care structure that deals with them like human beings and not as mere situations. This eases health care delivery and assists in notifying their health care decisions.

The entire research operation collected the views of above 1,700 people residing throughout that area. For the very first time in the country, such a type of intensive research was conducted that involved a wide range of options regarding health care. The reports of the survey were released on July 28, 2009.

The expenditure for the project totaled to a sum of 1 million dollars. About 50% of the money was funded by John R. Oishei Foundation, while the remaining amount of money was sponsored by Community Health Foundation, Central and Western New York. These two organizations aided a lot for the developments of hospitals, doctors' chambers and outpatient centers at a very crucial time.

The survey reports a common problem that is faced by the patients. They feel that most of the doctors hurry, in order to sustain a flourishing chamber practice and also their level of comfort.

The Community Health Foundation suggests that patients want more personal care from reliable health care providers, but whether they want doctors or not is still a matter of confusion. The organization is now trying to employ therapists, nutritionists, junior doctors; patient advocates and other subordinate health care professionals into the group, in order to reconfigure the health are system and the way in which medical services are delivered. In this system, the patients will play an important part in formulating decisions.

The administration of Obama and the Congress are trying to improve health care condition of the surrounding region. The hospitals present at Buffalo Niagara area are now undergoing a basic change in operations because of a mutual contract signed between Erie County Medical Center and Kaleida Health.

The survey led to the following conclusions:

  • Doctors and the employees working in hospitals must create a personal bond with the patients by devoting more time in their care and providing greater amount of sympathy.
  • The current health care condition involves uneven services and hassles, subjecting the patients towards prolonged waiting periods, requiring them fill up unnecessary documents etc. Such things must be changed and health care structure must be simplified.
  • All the patients must be offered comprehensible details and well-timed assistance so as to enable them to undertake right decisions and look after themselves.

The Community Health Foundation remarked that the health care officials must take immediate action by offering monetary incentives for the developments to take places, incorporate electronic medical data recording systems, and prepare the way for patient advocacy curriculums and follow-up care programs, in addition to offering individual care.

The organization has intended to develop a web portal viz. in order to provide patient reports regarding few of the priorities as demarcated by this project. The survey clearly demonstrated that health care only becomes successful when patients are contented with the type of services offered to them.

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