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Simplified Benefits Allow Companies Trim Health Care Expenses

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Simplified Benefits Allow Companies Trim Health Care Expenses

Simplified Benefits Allow Companies Trim Health Care Expenses

It has been seen that any business establishment cannot easily stop offering health benefits to their employees. Also, they also find it difficult to cutback these benefits.

The experts of Hewitt Associates have reported that many companies are now showing the tendency of trimming these benefits forcefully, being unable to find alternative solutions. According to a health care survey conducted in this year 2009, around 19% companies have sought to cut off health benefits for the next 3 to 5 years. This cut in benefits would be nearly 4 times the rate that scheduled by them in the year 2008.

But now Ari Fischman is there to help out these companies. Fischman presides over Simplified Benefits, an insurance benefits and consulting company of Southfield. Fischman's principal task is to evaluate the health care expenses of various companies and find out effective ways of saving on such expenses.

Fischman stated that a majority of the companies pay very less attention regarding managing their health plans. In order to save hurdles, they continue with the same health and keep them renewing year after year. Today, companies hardly feel the need to review their plan options or compare the different available plans. Consequently, they have to loose a lot of money and face problems later. But, Fischman believes in evaluating health plans and choose the best solution which will be cost-effective for the companies.

Through the aid of Simplified Benefits, Fischman was able to help out many companies so far. Spiral Industries, which is an automobile and industrial hose, tube manufacturing company, planned to remove many of their workers and even downsize the health benefits of the existing workers, to make savings.

In this year's month of April, the company sought the services of Fischman in order to get help regarding choosing an economical health plan, to offer health insurance coverage to the rest of its staffs and workers. After a complete evaluation, Fischman found that although Spiral was a medium-sized company, it signed up for a group health plan meant for big companies. Therefore, Fischman immediately recommended Spiral to go for an affordable small business group insurance plan.

By the month of June 2009, Spiral purchased a new group health plan and made a savings of $200,000 along with nominal cutback of benefits. That helped the company to finance a part of the expenses of the health plan and the benefits, for its workers and their family members.

In the year 2002, Simplified Benefits was established by Fischman with a view to offer helpful, innovative solutions to companies, so as to enable them to make savings on health care expenses with a minimum compromise of benefits.

Fischman is against the idea of confusing clients, which is generally practiced by some insurance companies unfortunately. Alternatively, he seeks to offer simplified information regarding benefits and insurance so that the customers can grasp the information easily and get help. In today's turbulent economic condition, the services of Fischman and his company have proved to be much helpful.

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