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State children health insurance program (SCHIP)

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State children health insurance program

State children health insurance program (SCHIP)

A US congress legislation of 1997 provides for states to add to their Medicaid program more comprehensive health covers for children. The number of uninsured in the country has been on a rise. Keeping this in mind, it is very necessary for affordable covers to be provided to families with low incomes. Families which function on a low income often find it impossible to afford private health insurance for their children. The state children’s health insurance program is meant to cover children who fall into this category.

The rules and regulations governing the state children’s health insurance plans vary from state to state. The descriptions provided below may not apply to your state. They are provided more as a generalized view of the plans. If you want more detailed information on a particular state, just click on it.

Eligibility criteria

The children’s health insurance program is usually available to children under 19 years of age. Certain states may also include pregnant women under certain income requirements. Whether you are eligible to receive covers primarily depends on the size of your family and your income. However, in some states, these programs are provided to all families, regardless of the income. Remember, if you are federally eligible to receive covers under Medicaid, you will most probably not qualify for your state’s CHIP. Also there is a separate set of guidelines for children who fall under the category of resident immigrants. This is irrespective of the immigration status of the family.

Waiting periods

There may be a waiting period imposed on the child till he/she receives covers under CHIP. This period usually stipulates that a particular amount of time should pass after the end of an employer sponsored group health insurance plan before the child receives covers under CHIP. The waiting period can extend between 30 days and a year. If your child has to go through such a waiting period, you might want to consider a short term health insurance plan or an individual health insurance plan.

Co payments and premium payments

The monthly premium that you have to pay for CHIP will depend on the total income of your family and its size. Usually, the premium will increase together with a rise in the income of your family. You may even face a situation where these costs become prohibitive. If you are faced with such a scenario, it is better to consider other options in medical insurance. Your family income may also determine the amount of co payments you have to pay for covered services. However, even if you have a higher income, the co payments are usually reasonable.

Length of the program and its renewal

In most states, a child may receive continued covers under this program till the age of 19. There is an annual review in most states to find out whether eligibility conditions are being met. If it is found that a child is not eligible under the income guidelines, his covers may be discontinued after the review.

SCHIP programs are available in the following states. To know more about the programs for particular states, just click on it.

  • Alabama SCHIP
  • Arizona SCHIP
  • Alaska SCHIP
  • Arkansas SCHIP
  • Colorado SCHIP
  • California SCHIP
  • Connecticut SCHIP
  • Delaware SCHIP
  • Florida SCHIP
  • Illinois SCHIP
  • Georgia SCHIP
  • Indiana SCHIP
  • Iowa SCHIP
  • Kentucky SCHIP
  • Kansas SCHIP
  • Louisiana SCHIP
  • Maryland SCHIP
  • Maine SCHIP
  • Massachusetts SCHIP
  • Minnesota SCHIP
  • Michigan SCHIP
  • Mississippi SCHIP
  • Missouri SCHIP
  • Montana SCHIP
  • Nevada SCHIP
  • Nebraska SCHIP
  • New jersey SCHIP
  • New Hampshire SCHIP
  • New York SCHIP
  • New Mexico SCHIP
  • North Dakota SCHIP
  • North Carolina SCHIP
  • Oregon SCHIP
  • Ohio SCHIP
  • Pennsylvania SCHIP
  • Rhode island SCHIP
  • South Dakota SCHIP
  • South Carolina SCHIP
  • Texas SCHIP
  • Tennessee SCHIP
  • Utah SCHIP
  • Vermont SCHIP
  • Virginia SCHIP
  • Washington SCHIP
  • West Virginia SCHIP
  • Wyoming SCHIP

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