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Women Repeatedly Check Treatment Charges and Doctors Fees

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Women Repeatedly Check Treatment Charges and Doctors Fees

Women Repeatedly Check Treatment Charges and Doctors Fees

A recently conducted survey reveals that women show a greater tendency in checking out the rates of different medical treatments and doctors fees repeatedly, in comparison to men. The survey findings conclude that women are more serious than men when it comes to finding the cheapest ways of getting treated.

The survey was conducted among thousand adults employed in different companies. Among these groups of people, 20 percent of women were found to compare the rates of doctor visits and procedural treatment, whereas 15 percent of men were found to do that.

The popular health insurance organization called CIGNA administered the survey and found out that 79 percent of women buy generic drugs in place of branded medicines, while only 69 percent of men were found doing that.

Kurt Weimer, supervisor of the small business insurance and individual health coverage unit of CIGNA has concluded from the survey findings that a majority of women play the leading role in deciding for health care services. He also said that women are not only concerned regarding taking quality health care related decisions but they also pay much attention to the financial side.

The survey clearly shows the effect of the current economic downturn among mothers, who are not only compelled to become the principal medical decision-taker in the family but also have to look after the monthly expenditure for health care services.

National Association of Mothers' Centers' Executive Director, Linda Lisi Jurgens stated that as women are generally found to make decisions regarding any kind of purchase for family purpose, the effect of the economic decline is thus more on them.

The survey reports that women now pay more attention towards the things that are affordable to them and their family, rather than the things they require actually. However, the purchase decisions generally affect the other family members but there are no such other alternatives to this.

Many experts are of the opinion that women possess a greater inclination towards price bargain than men, and therefore they repeatedly enquire the fees of doctors, the rates of medical procedures, lab tests, treatments etc. in order to find the most reasonable deals. Many housewives and mothers oppose to depend entirely on the physicians to suggest the cheapest deal. They seek to check out all by themselves, the availability of affordable treatments to save money.

The survey also refers to some striking instances in which women have strictly hesitated to pay the money as asked by the doctors. Many women bargain the rates at the beginning or consult with their doctors beforehand, about the possible charges and then choose to pay for the medical services and treatments.

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