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A Revolutionary Treatment To Prevent Tooth Decay

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A Revolutionary Treatment To Prevent Tooth Decay

A Revolutionary Treatment To Prevent Tooth Decay

A revolutionary treatment to prevent tooth decay is being used by the city health department nowadays. Tooth decay is the most common of childhood diseases found among children between the age of 1 to 18 years. Although tooth decay is a preventable disease, but the inability to take timely action against the decay leads to loss of teeth.

The Treatment Of Tooth Decay

The method of treatment against tooth decay is a quick and painless method. It consists of painting the teeth of the child with fluoride varnish with the help of soft brush. The fluoride varnish is a liquid of agreeable taste that stops bacteria from developing and causing cavities onto teeth. The treatment can be administered to children who are at least one year of age.

The treatment that started few months ago has found few takers to reap its advantage. This has led the local health department to make an all out effort to make people aware of the treatment. It is disseminating the news of treatment through paediatricians and fliers. Different methods of public notices are also being used by the health department.

Francine Truglio, the supervisor of the public health nursing said that the health department has enough resources for providing treatments to hundreds of children. All it takes to get the treatment is to make a phone call to the department office. The phone number of the health department is 860-826-3466 and it is located at 56 Hawkins St close to Hart Street. Anyone needing treatment for tooth decay can expect to get prompt service at the department. The staffs of the health department also provide important information about regular dental care to parents and children.

Mr. Truglio says that the health department is making every effort to make people get regular dental care. He adds that a huge problem exists with oral health. However, people are unaware of how their dental health could affect them adversely. If any tooth decay is not treated in time, the person could have pain and infection along with eating difficulties. The other problems include sleep disturbances, attention deficits and slow social development. It has been found that the children of Connecticut lose many hours of school days every year as a result of suffering from tooth decay. Across the country, cases of tooth decay are five times than that of asthma. Forty percent of children within third grade suffer as a result of tooth decay and it doubles as the children passes out of high school.


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