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A State Of The Art Dental Practice

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A State Of The Art Dental Practice

A State Of The Art Dental Practice

Vizstara, a state of the art dental practice has started its operation in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. It ensures to provide the patients an atmosphere which will make them feel at home. The facility sprawling over 15,000 square-foot look like a European spa rather than a dental practice. This state of the art dental practice which has started its operation a year ago, has been established at a cost of around USD 8 millions.

As a state of the art dental practice, the architectural support has been provided by Ezio Riva of Milan. Established on 300 Sylvan Avenue, which used to the former Hyundai Headquarters, Vizstara is decorated beautifully with state of the art modern lighting, walnut, African rosewood, marble as designed by Ezio Riva, making it a very relaxing and peaceful environment.

Facilities Making Vizstara Making A State Of The Art Dental Practice

Vizstara, a state of the art dental practice, contains 12 rooms for carrying on treatments. Each room possesses ergonomically designed and contoured chair for the patients. Every room is fitted with technology for light, music and temperature which can be controlled individually. A total of 16 televisions are commissioned for the whole practice. A pediatric division is also in their plan. This division will have a spaceship playroom costing around USD 20,000 to distract the mind of young patients. For the same purpose, this division will contain televisions as well as video games, all keeping in mind the young patients coming to pediatric division.

Other than these aspects, Vizstara has other most important infrastructures for being a state of the art dental practice. Other than having two operating rooms, it also has a lecture hall. To keep up with the evolving technologies, it also possesses a professional crew for video production, Internet broadcasting as well as video conferencing.

Being a state of the art dental practice, Vizstara's dental specialists form an inter-disciplinary team. Every single area of oral care is covered by this dental team, be it cases related to gums or teeth or other aspects like jawbones or smiles.

New York University College of Dentistry has affiliated the dentists as well as faculty of Vizstara. Dr. Nicolas Elian, who is the president and chief executive office of Vizstara apart from being an oral surgeon, is also head of implant division of New York College of Dentistry. His wife, Dr. Martha Miqueo-Elian, is also with Vizstara as a chief of pediatric and adolescent dentistry. Apart from that, Dr. Martha Miqueo-Elian is also an attending dentist of pediatric division of Hackensack University Medical Center. In case of financial aspect, Vizstara was financed in parts by patents held by Dr. Elian on different dental care produce related to tissue engineering, implant, as well as cell culture products. In spite of this, Dr. Nicolas Elian says, the cost of getting treatments from this dental service is not very high or overly expensive, keeping in mind the previous financial situation prevailing over economy.

Apart from treatments offered to the patients, Vizstara offers various forms of mentoring service for the dental professionals in this regard. To help dentists to keep up with the newest technologies and techniques, various forms of advanced training, study as well as mentoring services are being provided by Vizstara. Apart from that, dentists, in need of state mandated credits for continuing education, are being greatly helped by this state of the art dental practice.

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