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Bill Banning Dental Clinics Disapproved by House

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Bill Banning Dental Clinics Disapproved by House

Bill Banning Dental Clinics Disapproved by House

A bill has been proposed to prohibit many mobile dental chambers that are set up in the schools. But it was not favored by the House members because of many reasons. This article enumerates all the details concerning this issue.

A legislation that was set to stop a majority of school dental clinics was ultimately disapproved by all the House members on May 19, 2009. The policymakers and other members was against the bill, as it targeted towards minimizing the dental care services that was accessible to the poverty-stricken children, through the aid of the school dental clinics.

The so-called House Legislation 687 proposed by Republican leader Kevin Pearson managed to bag a nomination by 51-37 from the House. However, Pearson vowed to re-introduce the legislation for another set of elections.

The bill was introduced by Pearson in support of Louisiana Dental Association, the organization trying to hold back the recent increase of mobile dental chambers in the schools, offering dental care services to the poverty-stricken children. Since the year 2008, when the payments to the dentists were increased by Medicaid to treat patients under Medicaid coverage, the number of these dental clinics was found to increase in the state.

The people criticizing mobile dental chambers in the schools remarked that children must be taken to the dental offices for treatment. As per them dental treatment offered in schools put off parental participation. They voted for offering similar type of dental care to each and every people and children residing in Louisiana.

On the other hand, those who are against the legislation remark that the state comprises over 400,000 children who are entitled for Medicaid coverage. These children are from those families who can't afford to visit a dentist and pay the bill for the treatments involved. So, for these children, the school mobile dental chambers are a means to get dental care.

Peterson, who is the House Speaker and the Democratic leader of New Orleans, remarked that if the children are unable to access dental care even from their schools clinics, then they will be exposed to an increased risk of having severe dental diseases and toothaches.

The Federal Trade Commission recently sent a written notification accusing that the legislation is anti-spirited and will definitely lead to loss of accessibility to dental care.

The chief of the Dentistry Board of the state of Louisiana informed the House Committee that they have not registered any sort of complaints with the school mobile dental chambers. However, there is an authorization body comprising of 13 associates who are now working for renewing the rules concerning the operations of these mobile dental chambers.

Initially, the proposed legislation may have banned almost all the mobile clinics operating in the schools. But because of the existence of some rules in favor of the school-based clinics, the bill was not able to carry on its actions. It will again enter in a second voting process in June this year.


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