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Cementing the Cracks in Dental Health Care

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Cementing the Cracks in Dental Health Care

Cementing the Cracks in Dental Health Care

The dental care condition of United States is in a poor state and these blunders must be rectified. This article points out the faults and their effective solutions.

The health care condition of the country is at its worst. Patients who lack health insurance coverage have to wait for a long time in order to get treated, even if they suffer from severe toothache.

There are many patients who suffer from toothache and purchase momentary fillings in order to get relief from pain for the time being. The reason is twofold. Either they lack health insurance, thus being incapable of affording expensive dental treatments or they are unable to find dentists in their area. Due to this they seek to repair their own dental problems through the temporary measures, one of which is mentioned above.

The Beach Health Clinic was set up in order to offer dental care services to the uninsured patients residing at Virginia Beach at absolutely no cost. Dental services were prominent due to a mutual initiative of Old Dominion University, the US Navy, many dentists working voluntarily and the funding provided by many organizations and foundations.

A survey conducted 5 years earlier, by a community health clinic under the cover of Sentara Healthcare, proved that the uninsured patients residing at Hampton Roads were subjected to experience the cracks in dental health care. The survey findings proved that the rate of unavailability of proper dental care is much higher in comparison to that of other health care services.

Uninsured patients, who are unable to get dental care, decide to get admitted in the emergency wards of the local hospitals in order to get relief from their pain. But that temporarily heals the situation. The patients are offered pain relievers and then asked to visit a dentist after they are treated in the emergency wards. Therefore, the patients are required to visit a dentist either ways.

In order to cement the cracks in dental health care, many voluntary foundations and health communities are coming up with free dental checkup programs. Patients can get oral health care treatment through the aid of these programs and dental clinics.

Not only this but many dental colleges and dental care communities are introducing mobile dental chambers. These are mobile clinics that shift from one place to another and offer dental care services to the patients residing in an area. Generally mobile dental chambers are common in the rural areas and the counties where there is huge shortage of dentists, and the people have to travel miles to reach the main city in order to visit a dentists and get treatment. Not only these but mobile clinics also offer dental services to patients at a much cheaper rate.

These types of dental clinics and dental care programs are common in the areas of Virginia Beach and several other places that face dearth of dentists. They aid a lot in cementing the cracks in dental health care.


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