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Children Get Reasons to Smile

Children Get Reasons to Smile

Don Secrest, a dentist from Cuyahoga Falls investigated the mouth of Jesus Terrones, a boy from Akron, and noticed a cavity.

Don Secrest filled the cavity of that 9 years old boy, at completely free of cost.

The event was a part of a free dental check up clinic at YRC trucking firm at Gorge Boulevard in Akron.

Austin, Texas based Christina's Smile Children's Dental Clinic was present is the town as a part of World Golf Championships' Bridgestone Invitational. 20 local volunteers included of dental assistants as well as dentists spent an entire day checking teeth of almost 40 kids from St. Bernard Catholic Church at Akron.

This mobile dental check up clinic was parked at the parking lot of the YRC's Akron campus for the reason.

Not only the YRC employees who worldwide raised 750,000 USD for the Christina's Smile included of almost 130,000 USD from the Northeast Ohio, last year; the mobile clinic is also transported throughout the country for free of cost by YRC Inc., which is the parent company of the Roadway Express.

The dental clinic comes at 21 different locations where the Champions Tour or the PGA Tour tournaments held each year, as said by Dr. Richard Garza, the founder of the Christina's Smile.

Dr. Richard Garza, who was present in Akron on the day of the event, mentioned that this clinic may provide roughly 25,000 USD in the free dental care to youngsters of Akron.

The main goal of this clinic is to provide dental care to the underprivileged kids who have no dental insurance.

The nonprofit organization has provided dental care to over forty thousand children with over 17 million USD for dental care from 1990. This year the organization is expected to check up 2,500 kids with 1.5 million USD in the dental services.

Zully Ramos, who is a social worker from Akron-based Catholic Social Services, brought a team of kids from St. Bernard community to this free dental clinic, including Jesus Gudino of Akron who is basically from Mexico.

Jesus told he was fortunate that he had no cavity. He added that he does not eat candies.

Terry Gilbert, the senior vice-president of the YRC Worldwide said that his company is so proud to bring smile to many kids through voluntary efforts of its workers.

He mentioned that their employees raise money by means of all types of programs, ranging from the golf tournaments to the hot dog roasts.

Dr. Secrest said that they are here to taking care of any problem that is untreatable.

His assistant Margie Crosier from Akron said that she realizes the requirement for an early dental care, since for the first time she saw dentist at a California children's home at her age of 9 years.

Dr. Secrest added that their target is to have children leave the clinic healthy. And, they take care of entire situation and make the things better.

For further information on the Christina's Smile, one can visit


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