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County Residents faces Dearth of Dentists

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County Residents faces Dearth of Dentists

County Residents faces Dearth of Dentists

Recent studies prove that there is scarcity of dentists in the county regions. As a result the needy patients are loosing access to dental care. This article reports the issue.

It is now a proven fact that the residents of San Joaquin County are facing scarcity of dentists. Even many there is also shortage of doctors and specialists in that place. Patients have to wait for long hours or have to travel away from the county in order to visit a doctor. The hospitals keep on rushing to fill up nursing vacancies.

As per a survey it has been found that, in San Joaquin County only 314 dentists are working actively. This comes to around 2.3 dentists for every 5000 native dwellers. The figure is lower than the average of the state that comes to around 3.5 for every 5000 citizens. The figure is much below in comparison to San Francisco, where the average is 6.1 for every 5000 citizens.

In Calaveras County, only 18 working dentists are found which comes to around 2 dentists in average for every 5000 natives. In Alpine County, the condition is even poorer as the place is devoid of any dentists.

Therefore, from the above statements the conclusion that is derived is that if a person doesn't stays in the main city or in the urban areas, then he has to travel miles to get treatment from a dentist, if he faces the slightest of dental problems such as a toothache.

The problem lies that the county residents will not be able to access other types of health care including dental care, if they need it anytime, because of the dearth of doctors. Not only this, but some of the populated areas along with the city suburbs are facing the scarcity of dentists and other physicians.

Many services and programs are offered by Dental Society in order to dispatch information to the people. However, the government is presently planning to abolish the state-sponsored Denti-Cal advantages to the poor citizens. So if such a bill is passed, then more number of people will loose access to dental care services.

The probable outcome will be that the hospital emergency wards will be packed up with patients and they will not be able to handle the dental patients, in addition to the existing emergency cases.

Recent surveys have pointed out more scarcity of dentists in various places of California. There are some remote areas inside the various counties where there is 1 dentist in average for every 5000 natives. Stockton's downtown and southeast areas are those places in San Joaquin County which has such a shortage.

The regions where there is a huge percentage of dentist shortage are additionally threatened by an increasing ratio of retired dentists. Throughout the state, about 15% working dentists got their license in the last 5 years to practice dentistry. Many other dentists are still waiting for their licenses. This is another reason for the shortage.


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